Cork noticeboards in the home: some ways to customize these for your living space

by Mark Bennett

October 29, 2023

Cork noticeboards in the home: some ways to customize these for your living space

A cork notice board is something most of us find useful, but deciding to use one can also be an opportunity to do something more decorative. By doing so, we get something that is both functional and beautiful. And if they look attractive, we can put up cork boards all around the home.

There are many ways to "upgrade" a regular cork notice board into something a bit more fetching - check out the ideas below:

A cork board for organizing documents and ideas

A few colored tacks and a cork panel in a frame: here is the basic cork notice board that can hold messages, notes, and more.


Personalize your notice board

If you don't want to see exposed cork, you can always cover the panel in a light-colored fabric. Once covered, you will still be able to tack notes to it - but the panel will have a completely different look (perhaps suiting the surroundings better). Avoid using fabrics with a texture that is too thin and fine, otherwise they will be ruined by the metal tacks.

Utility and art with cork

Framing regular cork boards is quite popular, but how about doing this with smaller versions? This way, you can combine both beauty with functionality.

Thematic cork boards

And a cork board doesn't need to be used just for reminder notes: it could become wall decoration with a theme: travel memories, favorite photos or life goals, for example.

Cork walls

If you really like cork and it matches the rest of the furniture, why not cover an entire wall with it? Build it up using multiple panels...


... and you can also find rolls of cork to cover much larger surfaces. Then, you just need to add the decorations!

Painting cork

Natural cork is beautiful - and reminiscent of wood - but this doesn't mean it always has to stay this way: use acrylic paints (and perhaps stencils), to paint whatever designs you want on it!


You can also use scraps of fabric or colored paper!

Refined designs

Then there are furnishing accessories that exploit the versatility of cork to make for refined designs, as shown in the picture above: functional and stylish!


... and also DIY

How about a bit of DIY? Use stencils, masking tape or freehand designs, your cork notice board will be truly unique.

Another idea could be to fill a space with perfectly fitting cork off-cuts: it will be just like a regular notice board, but with a unique look!


Alternatively, cut pieces of cork into the shapes of letters: they could be your initials, or you could even create short meaningful words or slogans. Even when empty, these creations will look fantastic!

And everyone can do this: use cork coasters (ideally, hexagonally-shaped ones) to create an attractive notice board!

Would you like to decorate your house with cork?