Bathroom sink area: 7 things you should never keep in this area

by Mark Bennett

October 01, 2023

Bathroom sink area: 7 things you should never keep in this area

The furnishing of each room is the result of needs and personal habits - some of which we all share. There will always be furnishings in the bathroom, for example. And some of these furnishings will be found in all homes. Well, it turns out some furnishing choices are not advisable.

When we talk about hygiene, it is possible we are making small mistakes. In furnishing the bathroom, in fact, we should pay attention to things that should never be kept on the sink's countertop. Read on to find out more:

Perfumes: never keep them around the sink in the bathroom

Perfumes are very delicate products: we know that they must be used quickly so as not to lose their "power", but there are also other factors that affect them:variations in temperature and humidity can damage perfumes. Once opened, we need to keep our bottles of perfumes away from direct sunlight heat sources and humidity.

And certainly, the areas near the sink in a bathroom are very humid. Unless the bathroom is really large, there will be no good place to keep your perfumes. It is best to choose another room or corner where you can place them in closed drawers and in a dark, cool and dry place.


Skincare products on the vanity table? It's best not to do this

Just like perfumes, almost all beauty/skincare products should be stored in dry, cool places. There are very delicate creams and some even require refridgeration and/or should be used before their expiry date. The sink, as mentioned, is too humid a spot to store your beauty creams. In short, keep your precious (and probably expensive) skincare products away from heat sources, direct sunlight and humidity!

Makeup brushes and sponges

These beauty accessories should be thoroughly cleaned, ideally after each use (or very frequently). Above all, the bristles on brushes and sponges must not get damp: damp will cause mold to grow or bacteria to breed, which then come into direct contact with our skin. We should store these items in closed containers between uses, and preferably well away from any water sources.

Electronic devices

Humidity is the number one enemy of electricity, or rather, they are a very dangerous combination: from damage to electronic devices to getting shocked, these are mishaps we want to avoid. So store your electrical devices in dry spots and do not keep them near the sink, shower or bath.


We often see the effect of humidity on toilet paper: rolls that get deformed and ruined by exposure to moisture. And the same will happen with any other cardboard or paper objects kept in the bathroom.

Books, posters, paper packages: keep all these items (and any paper-based objects) well away from humid areas.


Candles in the bathroom: near the sink is not an ideal spot for them either

There is nothing wrong with lighting a few candles to perfume the bathroom and create a relaxing atmosphere, but it is best not to keep them on/near the sink. Humidity, in fact, can alter the quality and burning time of candles.

Jewelry in the bathroom: rather not

Many of the metals that jewelry is made of - with the exception of pure gold - can tarnish in humid environments. So, don't wash your face or hands with your jewelry still on. And don't put your rings, bracelets, etc on the sink when not being worn. No one wants to see tarnished jewelry!

If you have any of these "bad habits", push yourself to change them!