BBQ or camping: clothes dryer lint can save you a lot of money

by Mark Bennett

July 22, 2023

BBQ or camping: clothes dryer lint can save you a lot of money

Egg cartons and clothes dryer lint: an unexpected combo for a remedy that saves money and is very useful for those who go camping and/or want to light a fire! And, by recycling these objects, we also reduce the amount of waste we create every day (and teaches our kids something valuable too).

For adults, recycling these specific objects means not having to buy fire lighters and keeps our dryer running properly. In short, everyone wins.



This is a very simple life hack. All you need is:

  • an empty egg carton (cardboard, not the plastic type);
  • lint from the dryer's filter (and it doesn't matter if there's pet hair mixed in)
  • wax candles (alternatively, you can use paraffin to make candles)
  • a saucepan (preferably a small one, but with a thick bottom)
  • cardboard or an old newspaper
  • scissors or box cutter

The procedure is very easy:

  • Start by collecting the lint: dig this out from the dryer's filter;
  • Stuff each cavity/holder in the egg carton snugly with the lint, pressing down to get as much in as possible;
  • Take the candles and melt them in the saucepan (you will need enough for each egg carton cavity). Remove the wicks as the candles melt. You can (if you want) place these wicks in the center of each pile of lint in the egg carton;
  • Place the lint-filled egg carton on the cardboard or newspaper;
  • Pour the wax into each cavity/holder, covering the lint and ensuring each cavity is equally filled;
  • Allow to cool down and harden (it will take about 1 hour);
  • When the wax is set, cut up the egg carton into its seperate egg holders.

You will have now have your firelighters which you can take around with you. They catch fire very quickly due to the lint, but they also last a long time, thanks to the wax.

Have you ever tried this hack?