Decluttering the kitchen makes sense, but always hold on to certain items

by Mark Bennett

April 28, 2024

The interior of a neat, tidy kitchen

Decluttering is good for your home, but like all things, it should be done with moderation. Decluttering should not be understood to be getting shot of everything: decluttering should be done bearing in mind replacement costs and the sentimental value of certain items and possessions. Check out our guide to decluttering below:

Decluttering is especially useful to carry out in the kitchen - the area of the home that, arguably, gets the most "messy" most frequently.

When the time comes to take on this chore and decide what to keep and what to toss out, how should this be done? Most importantly, what objects - according to professionals - should you always keep in the kitchen?


1. Reusable cleaning products


Everything that is reusable - including containers and cleaning tools - should never be thrown away. So glass bottles, plastic containers, gloves that are still intact and cloths and sponges that can be washed/cleaned should not be thrown away... 

2. Glass jars

What about empty glass jars? These often pile up over time, so should we throw them away? Well, yes and no...

Keep jars with decent lids (or lids which can be easily sourced) for storage containers. Also, a collection of small jars (or a range of sizes) can be very useful for storing your spices, for example. Jars which are not easily sealed and/or are superfluous to your needs, can be thrown away.

3. High-quality utensils


What high-quality kitchen utensils do you have? Well, for example, throwing away your only set of high-quality kitchen knives would be nonsensical. However, what about "good" utensils that you hardly ever use? If you want to make extra space, give away/sell/donate these utensils.

4. Sentimental value


Sentimentality counts and you should keep items which mean something special to you. Getting rid of all the items that have sentimental value to you will improverish your heart and soul.

So, what is truly sentimental for you? Well, if it's something that's hidden away in a box where it never sees the light of day, you can probably strike this item from your list.

Once you've decluttered, you can move on to properly organizing the space you've gained - good luck!