If you never want to see weeds in your garden again, use this natural, DIY solution

by Mark Bennett

June 12, 2023

If you never want to see weeds in your garden again, use this natural, DIY solution

It's wonderful to have a nice garden to look at and enjoy all our plants. But there are some plants that are decidedly "unwelcome guests!: we are, of course, referring to weeds which grow everywhere. At times, it seems like we have more weeds in our gardens than decorative plants and flowers.

Weeds grow quickly and are often very difficult to remove. So, how can we deal with this problem? A couple of natural ingredients that we probably already have in the kitchen can help us out.



These are the ingredients and things you will need from your kitchen:

  • Vinegar. It can be of any type, although the strongest of all, white alcohol vinegar, is recommended;
  • Table salt, the fine one is best. Epsom salts are fine too;
  • A spray bottle;
  • A funnel for decanting.

How to make your own natural weed killer:

  • Fill the bottle with vinegar. Do not dilute it;
  • Add about four tablespoons of salt (use the funnel to avoid making a mess);
  • Seal the bottle and shake well to dissolve the salt.

Need more killing power? Add just a drop of dish soap to the mixture, which will help the liquid adhere to the weeds.

You are now ready to apply your homemade herbicide. You can spray it on the weeds at any time, but it's best when it's not too hot (which will make the vinegar evaporate too quickly). Obviously, don't go spraying weeds in the rain. Spray the mixture on the weeds thoroughly, wetting them. If there are other plants nearby that you want to preserve, be advised that this mixture could kill them too.

It usually takes 24 hours for smaller weeds to wilt. In the case of stronger and larger weeds, the operation must be repeated every day until you see them blacken and die. That said, this solution is best used on young, small weeds.