10 creative projects to consider to recycle your old car tires

by Mark Bennett

June 07, 2023

10 creative projects to consider to recycle your old car tires

Every year, it's always the same old story: with every change of season, together with the wardrobe, you also have to change the car's tires. Yes, there always comes a time when we have to say goodbye to our old tires forever and replace them with new ones. But old tires can still be used.

If tires that are too worn out can no longer be useful for our cars, they can be repurposed very easy into DIY furnishing and gardening accessories.

From classical planters to games for children, from kennels for our four-legged friends to home furniture - there are many projects that we can do using old tires. Below, you will find 10 possible projects you can undertake with your old tires:

1. Classical planters

The most classic use for old tires is serving as planters in the garden. By simply repainting them (and adding a few trimmings), your garden can be populated with cute planter animals.


2. Borders

Not just planters: old tires can also be transformed into original borders demarcating your flower beds, your fence line or protecting your vegetable garden.

3. Beds for dogs and cats

Why not give your pets a nice gift? All you need to do is cut up an old tire and insert a pillow. Your dog or cat will surely enjoy their new bed!

4. Outdoor seating

For your outdoor events, or simply to enjoy the fresh air on a warm, summer evenings, old tires are perfect as comfortable seats.

5. Garden statues

For the more creative, creating wonderful garden statues will be a great project!


6. Swings

Among the favorite games for children of all ages (and adults too!) is playing on the swing. It will be fun to make one for your garden using an old tire.

7. Containers

Not just for outdoors: old tires are also very useful for making furnishings for use in the home. How about, for example, a handy storage container? If you add dividers to it, it can become a practical shoe rack!


8. Table and chairs set

Create a set of table and chairs for your outdoor meals.

9. Children's rocking horse

Speaking of games for children, an old tire cut in half quickly becomes a fun rocking horse for your children.


10. Coffee table for the living room

We conclude with an interesting project for your living room: completely wrap an old tire with rope, add a round wooden or glass lid, and you will have created a wonderful coffee table in no time!