The art of making do: 10 common objects that you can use in an alternative way

by Mark Bennett

September 15, 2022

The art of making do: 10 common objects that you can use in an alternative way

We are used to buying items and using them only for the purpose for which they are originally intended: but have you ever thought about all the alternative uses that could be made of them? Today, we have everything we need close to hand, but it could be that we need something and don't have it. In this instance we can sometimes find a viable alternative.

We have selected below 10 objects and their possible alternative uses: let's check these out together!

1. Toothpaste for cleaning objects

Toothpaste is present in all our homes for oral hygiene. But did you know that it is also very versatile? It can be used to remove limescale from the iron, and also to clean car headlights, remove scratches from CDs and windows, or remove mist from glass and mirrors.


2. Rubber bands

Rubber bands have many possible uses: rolled up on the finger they can be used as an eraser; placed around, lids they help to unscrew them easily; passed around door handles, they help to keep them from closing; on a paint cans, they can be used to wipe off the brushes. But they are also very useful as holders for lids on pots, or as bookmarks.

3. Colander

If you have an old colander that you no longer use, don't throw it away: it can be creatively recycled, becoming a wonderful lamp shade. Otherwise, you can make amazing hanging planters from one.

4. Cooking pots as planters

Keep your old cooking pots - even these could come in handy as planters in the not too distant future.

5. Candle holder funnels

If you want to create a soft atmosphere but don't have a candle holder at home, you can use funnels: they will be a perfect substitute!


6. Rolling pin towel holder

Your towel rail is broken and you don't have time to pop out and buy a new one? Use a rolling pin! Hanging on the wall or on a piece of furniture, it gives you the freedom to dry your hands without looking for the towel!

7. Nail polish remover sponge

For a practical nail polish remover, put a sponge in a jar and fill it with nail polish remover solution: removing the polish from nails will become child's play!


8. Cable tie clothes pegs

Your clothes pegs are transformed into tidiers with this little tip! Use them to hold electric cables and order will be reestablished!

9. Can opener spoon

If you don't have a can opener, don't give up! You can replace it with a spoon! Easy, fast and always available!


10. Bottle opener key

And what about bottles with corks? Those too can be opened easily without a bottle opener. Just use a key in its place: insert it into the cap, turn and lift. Easy, like drinking a glass of wine!

What objects do you use in an alternative way?