Do you know the meaning of the colors of orchids? Discover which ones to choose as appropriate gifts

by Mark Bennett

June 07, 2024

Colorful orchids

Orchids are often given as gifts to people due to their incredible beauty, as well as what they are believed to symbolize.

The exact symbolism of an orchid is based on its color: do you know what color to choose for your gifts? If not, check out the short list below:

1. Orange orchid

Yun Huang Yong/Flickr

Orange orchids symbolize enthusiasm, vitality, audacity and courage; give them as a gift if you want to impart energy and creativity to the recipient. Orange orchids also symbolize new beginnings or can be given to celebrate the achievement of an important goal. This orchid can also be given simply to improve or lift someone's mood.

Orange orchids are perfect as gifts for those with energetic and bright personalities, and are often presented in yellow-themed bouquets.


2. Blue orchids

Incredibly elegant and of rare beauty, blue orchids can convey different messages: on the one hand, they are perfect for friends, partners, colleagues and relatives who you wish to find peace and harmony. On the other hand, you can also choose blue orchids to communicate hope or to declare your love for another (in a subtle manner!). Blue orchids also symbolize an unrequited love and the hope that this will change one day.

3. Green orchids

flowers of a green orchid


The delicate natural green of these orchids will make any bouquet look elegant, bringing a sense of vitality and hope to those who receive them. This orchid is ideal as a gift to someone who is going through a difficult time and needs to regain their hope and trust.

4. Purple orchids


Purple is the color of wisdom and carries a message of moderation, composure, justice and prudence. Purple orchids are the ideal gift to give to professionals who deal with justice: lawyers, magistrates, professionals in the field of social services, psychologists, etc. On a more sentimental note, the purple orchid is perfect for an anniversary or a wedding, as it conveys a message of stability, reminding recipients that love can conquer all.

5. White orchids


White signifies elegance and purity and is perfect for weddings. White orchids can be used to decorate the bride's bouquet, decorate the reception tables and be placed in the groom's buttonhole.

Representing innocence and pure love, the white orchid is also suitable as a gift to mothers (on their birthdays, for example); these plants are also perfect for signalling the respect and honor we have for our grandparents.


6. Yellow orchids


Yellow is the color representing boundless energy and joy and, in orchids, also symbolizes dynamism, optimism and vitality. As a symbol of a positive attitude towards life, it is often given as a gift to long-standing, dear friends. 

Yellow orchids are perfect for decorating festive occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries or celebrations of important achievements. 

Which orchid would you like to give as a gift, and to whom?