Banish flies and midges from your home: here's some "secret, old-timer" remedies

by Mark Bennett

June 02, 2024

flies in a house

Flies and midges (aka gnats) start appearing in our homes as soon as the weather improves. Most commonly found in the kitchen, these pests can be found buzzing around in every room in the house. Annoying and also unhygienic, you're probably always looking for new ways to banish these insects from your home, right? Well, check out these "old-timer" remedies listed below:

Remedies to combat flies and midges at home

Close-up of a fly sitting on a window frame


There are various old-fashioned, DIY methods that you can use to eliminate flies and midges from your home:

  • Cotton balls, soaked in a few drops of essential oil (citronella, lavender or geranium) work as natural repellents. Place them in areas where these pests frequent (around windows, near fruit bowls and similar).
  • Make a trap with dishwashing liquid and apple cider vinegar, combined in equal parts. Place this mixture in a bowl or jar, then pour a teaspoon of sugar over the top. The combination of apple cider vinegar and sugar attracts flies, which are then trapped and killed by the soap. This remedy will also work with just two tablespoons of vinegar and a few drops of dishwashing liquid, as long as it is mixed thoroughly.


2. How to prevent flies and midges invading your home

a swarm of flies on a windowsill


Traps and repellents won't solve the root of your problem fly/midge problem, however. And although there are external factors that will always cause flies to be present, it is also true that you can take additional counter-measures:

  • Don't leave food out/uncovered: fresh fruit, leftovers from a meal, dirty glasses (especially if there were fizzy drinks in them) are irresistable to these pests;
  • Check food has not gone off: in the heat, fruit and other foodstuffs (not kept in the fridge) will spoil quickly and attract flies and midges;
  • Clean the house: ensure you wipe up crumbs, remove dust sanitize the surfaces in your home regularly. Doing so will make your home much less attractive for the annoying insects (and for rodents too)! It is also very important to empty and clean trash/garbage receptacles frequently;
  • If it seems necessary to use specific, commercial products to deal with your insect pest problem, then don't rely solely on traps. Although objects such as flypaper, UV lamps or electronic zappers are effective, they only kill off adult flies and leave larvae and eggs intact. Flies and midges lay eggs on garbage, rotting food and pet feces. Therefore, insecticides that eliminate larvae and eggs must also be used to end your infestation.

Are you ready to banish flies and midges from your home?