13 great ideas for customizing your hand-fans and making them an attractive accessory for the summer

by Mark Bennett

May 22, 2024


Having a hand-fan available to deal with the heat of summer can be a major relief, and this is why these types of fans remain relatively popular, even in these modern times.

And even if you have a super-cheap, paper hand fan, there are many ways to spruce it up and make it look like something special! Keep reading to find out more:

1. Decorate the paper with abstract patterns


Geometric patterns, stylized flowers, polka dots: there is no limit to the ways in which you can decorate the paper of a hand-fan. So, choose a decoration you like and use markers, crayons or paint to beautify your hand-fan!


2. Personalized script


It's really easy to write whatever you want on a paper hand-fan. For this reason, these fans are often given as gifts to bridesmaids and/or wedding guests, for example.

Think of something appropriate to write: someone's name, an amusing phrase, a favorite quote and much, much more... Then, chose an attractive (legible) font and customise your hand-fans with your script!

3. Animal prints


To decorate a wooden hand-fan, it is best to use tempera or acrylic paints, applied with a brush. Just check out the captivating result shown here, achieved by painting the hand-fan with a leopard print.

4. Watercolors on paper


A perfect activity for children: playing with watercolors on a paper hand-fan. What could go wrong?!

5. A colorful town


Here, an entire, colorful town is revealed as the fan opens: you could design an entire city if you wanted!


6. Butterfly wings


Here's a project for those with the artistic skills: recreating the beautiful patterns of a butterfly's wings. Just think about the effect it will have when you open the fan.

7. Colorful citrus fruits


Or how about using an orange wedge/slice as a template for a design to copy onto your fan?


8. Tasty fruit


...or do the same using lemon or watermelon slices as your template. There are so many ideas you can pick from!

9. Pyrography on wooden hand-fans


Here's another great idea - particularly suitable for wedding favors: if the fan is made of wood, why not engrave/burn the names of the wedding party, for example, onto it using pyrography? The design will never fade or wear off!


10. Decorate just on one side


And who says that fan decorations have to take up all the available space? Decorating just one side can still make a great impression.

11. Floral discretion


The decision to decorate only some areas of the available surface is perfect if you choose floral designs (like the one shown here) to beautify your fan.


12. Fanciful colors


When the color combination is harmonious, any decorative pattern will look great!

13. Make your own fan from a paper plate


Don't have a proper hand-fan to decorate? Well, you could make your own using ice cream sticks and a paper plate. This a simple and fun project to try, perhaps involving the kids too!

How would you decorate your ideal hand-fan?