Not just regular light fittings: try these alternative lighting solutions to illuminate your bedroom

by Mark Bennett

May 25, 2024

Alternative lighting solutions

If one of your rooms does not have ceiling-mounted light fittings, you can easily illuminate with a host of alternative lighting solutions.

Check out some of the amazing examples listed below:

1. Wall-mounted lights

Wall-mounted lights are perfect for creating mid-height lighting points which will provide the right amount of illumination in limited area of your room (for example, above your headboard or near your breakfast/dining table).

If you don't want to hire an electrician to install these, you can choose the plug-in lights which come equipped with a power cable that you can simply insert into any nearby power socket.


2. LED strips

LED strips can also provide adequate lighting. Available in various colors and easily installed, LED strips will allow you to have soft light - ideal for watching a film, reading a book or setting a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom.

Perfect for under-shelf, under-cabinet lighting, LED strips can also be repositioned very easily.

3. Table lamps


Table lamps are perfect as alternative light sources in your home. In the bedroom, for example, table lamps are perfect for giving off a soft, warm light that will help you relax and/or read a book before going to sleep.

4. Floor lamps


Floor lamps are perfect for illiminating specific areas of a room and can be attractive furnishing accessories in themselves. Additionally, if you choose tall and/or powerful floor lamps, you might not need any other light sources in your bedroom.

5. Plug-in lamps

If you really prefer to have overhead lighting (but don't want to call in an electrician), you can choose to get some plug-in lamps. These can be easily installed simply by connecting them to a power socket and running the power cable up to the ceiling and into the final position you need them to be.


6. Portable lamps

Portable lamps are the perfect solution for creating dynamic lighting that can adapted to changing needs as the day progresses. Perfect as secondary lighting sources, portable lamps are perfect for illuminating just those areas where you are carrying out your activities.

7. Laser projectors

Finally, laser projectors are perfect for having soft lighting in your bedroom (and if you want to avoid being in complete darkness). Great for children's rooms, you can choose from a vast range of colors and patterns that lazers can cast onto walls.

Which of these alternative lighting solutions do you prefer for your bedroom?