Your garden can look great by adding a few, eye-catching, DIY planters

by Mark Bennett

May 05, 2024


In a garden, the plants and flowers can be displayed in a range of different planters and pots. And with a little inventiveness, you can recycle many old items into attractive planters. Check out the ideas listed below:

1. A bird cage

Perhaps you have an old bird cage (like one of those "shabby-chic" types) laying around? Well, fill it with plants and hang it up in the garden as a unique planter!


2. Old rain boots

Worn out rain boots (wellies) can be turned into flower pots! Always remember, however, that the water must be allowed to drain, so, put a few holes in the soles (if they don't already have these).

3. A vintage suitcase

How about a suitcase full of flowers?! An worn, battered, old-fashioned suitcase will look fantastic serviing as a planter in your garden!

4. A disused barbecue

Have you ever considered that an old, unused outdoor barbecue unit could be transformed into a planter? After all, it's like basically a raised planter! Put soil in the wood compartment, remove the grill and you're basically done (always remembering to ensure proper drainage, of course!).

5. Tins

The same concept can be used with old tins (like old buscuit tin boxes). Smaller than a barbeque unit, these tins make for great planters too!


6. An old wheelbarrow for your bulbs


Here's a classic of creative recycling for the garden: reuse an old wheelbarrow just like a raised planter. A few small holes in the bottom for drainage, a bit of soil and your bulbs - that's all you need to bring this planter to life.

7. Succulents arranged in the wheelbarrow


If you want to plant succulents in a wheelbarrow, the only extra precaution you need to take is to add a layer of expanded clay on the bottom (and without forgetting to provide drainage holes), and use soil suitable for cacti.


8. An eye-catching combo: wheelbarrow and watering can


Here's another great idea: a wooden strut secured to one side of the wheelbarrow supports a watering which is inclined and is "continuously watering" the flowers. An eye-catching - even amusing - combo!

Have you found some object at home that you could transform into a creative DIY planter?