Follow The Rule of 3 to perfectly furnish and decorate your home

by Mark Bennett

May 05, 2024


Even though you have fully furnished your home, do you still feel something is missing?

Well, there are several "rules" in furnishing and decorating home and, amongst these, is the "Rule of 3" which purports to properly harmonize a home.

So, what is the Rule of 3 and how does it work? Well, keep reading to find out:

What is the Rule of 3?

Three coffee tables, of different sizes, placed side-by-side in a living room

According to the Rule of 3, to create a harmonious layout, it is necessary to select groupings of 3 related elements, which must then be arranged to create balance and visual interest. Whether these elements are furnishing accessories, decorative pieces, light fittings or a paint palette, by following the Rule of 3, you can create an aesthetically pleasing environment without going "over the top".

This rule can be applied to almost any element and in any room. This approach will revolutionize your home environment quickly, effortlessly and without great expense.


The Rule of 3 with decorative elements

Three similarly-styled, decorative vases on a table

The simplest way to apply the Rule of 3 to your rooms is to group similar elements together: for example, choose 3 vases to decorate a table or coffee table; or use 3 decorative, similar ornament to place on a shelf. Even artwork or the cushions on the sofa can be grouped into 3's to create a harmonious and balanced look.

When applying this rule, it is essential to consider the shape, color and size of the elements to be grouped, in order to achieve a balanced result.

The Rule of 3 with colors

three color-matched throw pillows on a sofa

This rule can also be applied to color selection/matching. To do this properly, choose two dominant colors and a complimentary accent color. One of the dominant colors should make up 60% of your room's decor, the other making up a further 30%. The remaining 10% will be in the chosen accent color.

The Rule of 3 for furnishing accessories

A living room furnished with objects in matching colors and similar shapes, grouped into 3's

Finally, furnishing accessories can also be laid out according to the Rule of 3: identify the 3 main pieces of furniture in a room and use them as a focal point and start-position to move progressively from largest to smallest element/s. Finish off with a matching "furniture accent piece".

Using the Rule of 3 will allow you to create a balanced, harmonized and visually appealing home environment

Will you apply the Rule of 3 to the rooms in your home?