Keeping the house clean can be easier if you get yourself some wheels

by Mark Bennett

May 03, 2024


How often do you have to push a bucket around the house to wash the floors? And how often do you have to carry armfuls of dirty clothes to laundry room? This can be back-breaking work, but you can help yourself - with wheels! Here's some DIY hacks that could change your life!

1. Wheels for the mop bucket

A woman puts adhesive wheels on the bottom of a mop bucket

Video tutorial via @cleanigram/Instagram

The first hack comes from content creator, @cleanigram, on Instagram. In seconds, you can make your mop bucket mobile!

All you need are some adhesive wheels (like the ones you find on office chairs). The very important thing is to get good quality wheels, which can support weights of around 10 kg (this is average the weight of a full, standard mop bucket), and super-strong adhesive. If you're not sure about this, just buy some "3M" adhesive pads.

As @cleanigram explains, it is important to place the wheels correctly to support the bucket evenly. They must also all be mounted in the same direction. If the bucket it does not move easily over the floor, you may need to use more wheels (in one example, one person used 4 sets of 4 wheels each).

Click on the link below the photo to can see how much easier it is to move a "wheel-upgraded" mop bucket around!


2. Wheels for the laundry basket

A wicker basket on wheels

Tutorial via

The same "wheel upgrade" can be done for your laundry basket/hamper. Most of us have a large wicker basket serving as a laundry hamper and it can weigh a ton when full.

In the case of plastic containers serving as hampers with flat and compact bottoms,you can do exactly the same as for mop buckets (described above).

But if you have a straw or wicker basket serving as a hamper, a different set of wheels must be installed. These wheels have metal plates on top and are usually found secured to heavy furniture pieces. The plates have holes in them for screws, but, as you can see in the Prodigal pieces blog, there is an alternative securing method: using plastic cable ties!

For those with mobility issues and/or elderly people, these "wheely upgrades" can make all the difference!