"Living" centerpieces: ideas for decorating your dining table with real plants

by Mark Bennett

October 23, 2023

"Living" centerpieces: ideas for decorating your dining table with real plants

A bit of greenery, or even flowers, in the middle of a table is always pleasant to look at, and in fact, these centerpieces are almost always floral compositions made of fresh, artificial or dried flowers. But what about using live, potted plants instead? These are the so-called "living" centerpieces that are now becoming very popular.

Take a look at how many ways you could choose to decorate your tables in this manner:


Even one vase is sufficient in the center of a table

...or more than one! If you have some potted plants - perhaps small and seasonal ones - all you need to do is choose matching pots or pot holders. Two or three of them will do and can be returned to the windowsills when not being used for the centerpiece.


It is such a simple idea that it is often not used: consider, for example, enjoying the pleasant scent of the centerpiece whilst having your meal.

Small bonsai as special centerpieces

Bonsai are spectacular plants: these miniature plants fascinate everyone. And they are small enough to serve as a very fetching centerpiece.

These mini-sized trees or shrubs seem to belong in a fairytale and could serve as great conversation pieces.

Compositions with living plants

If you want to create a garden in a bowl instead, then you need to think about which plants to put together. Many small species can be found at nurseries, supermarkets and florists. And you can also ask experts which will be the best for a shallow bowl.


Usually, we find ferns, pileas and other still small specimens used for centerpieces. A very elegant combination could be made using ferns and orchids!

And when you can't use a lot of potting soil, then succulents are ideal for use in a shallow-container centerpiece.


Moss in the center of the table

A super-fascinating alternative is to create a mini garden made of moss inside a containers that can be used as a centerpiece.

You need some water ready to spray on the centerpiece when necessary, but in general, it's not difficult to take care of centerpieces like this.


Miniature aquatic gardens!

What if the mini-garden centerpiece is an aquatic world? Using aquatic plants creates beautiful decorations, and two of the easiest to care for are ball-shaped algae and marimo.

When you get used to the idea, these aquatic, submerged worlds are a true spectacle!

Would you like to create living centerpieces like these?