Outdoor kitchens: models to enjoy your summer cooking and dining in the garden

by Mark Bennett

July 05, 2024


Summertime is a chance to spend more time outdoors, and if you have a large balcony, terrace or garden, you are truly lucky. And provided you have the right set-up, you can even have an outdoor mini-kitchen/kitchenette for dining "al fresco".

Let's check out some outdoor kitchen sets/models that are available and perhaps you'll find one for your needs:

The fold-away outdoor kitchen


You're probably familiar with foldaway beds.. Well, check out this fold-away kitchen (which gets covered by the overhead canopy). The canopy comes down and "hides" and protects the kitchen area from inclement weather. A very handy, compact and space-saving solution.


A home kitchen, but in the garden


IKEA also sells kitchen sets which can be put up outdoors, such as the BÅTSKÄR model. This model looks like it's made for the indoors, but it's actually designed for outdoor cooking, and even comes with a barbecue.

Mobile outdoor kitchenettes

Exteta via archiproducts.com

Imagine being able to take your kitchenette with you on your travels: well, how about this kitchenette on wheels?! The model shown here is a very refined design (called Roller, by Exteta), made with mahogany and is the "brain child" of Massimo Castagna. This compact, light, mobile kitchenette can easily be moved around as needed, ready for use wherever you happen to be.


Here's a slightly more rustic-looking model, perfect for the outdoors: this teak wood structure is designed to withstand inclement weather and comes with a protective canopy. It can be moved easily, and can even be converted into a handy gardening station. This model is ideal for small gardens, or large terraces and balconies!


For those who like the look of furniture made from pallets, this kitchenette-trolley is the perfect model. And having wheels, you can easily move it to wherever you need it to be.


An illuminated pergola above the kitchen


If you go for a fixed-location outdoor kitchen, you also need to consider how to protect it from the elements. This is why a surrounding frame of some kind becomes essential. A pergola, for example, is an excellent solution and provides supports to add all the lights you need to illuminate your summer evenings while cooking and dining outside.

A cantilevered roof


Another type of protection could be a cantilevered roof, especially if it's mounted on a self-supporting structure (or to one of the external walls of the house). The mode in this photo is made of aluminum and has a sophisticated, modern look.


Tailor-made, DIY projects


Finally, by browsing online, you will find many examples from people who have built their own outdoor kitchenettes using metal, wood, bricks, cement and so on. And many of these DIY projects show you how to do it, step-by-step.

In short, whether it is a spot just to have a simple barbecue, or a fully-equipped kitchen with every convenience, there's a solution available for your specific needs!