Repeating decorative motifs in the bathroom: how to use patterns in a stylish, unique way

by Mark Bennett

October 09, 2023


Paint or wallpaper, or maybe some majolica and tiles? There are many possible choices when decorating a bathroom - of any size - and it's not just about color combinations, but also decorative patterns. With the right touches, you can have a bathroom full of character and with a sophisticated and unique ambiance.

Starting with the flooring, you have many options to choose from: it all depends on your taste. Be inspired by the ideas listed below:

Repeated motifs on the bathroom walls

Not necessarily tiles or paint: in the bathroom we can use wallpaper, perhaps choosing one that is washable and made for a humid environment. The patterns can be geometric, modern or classic, and there is a large range to chose from.


Since we may be introducing a flashy graphic decor, we need to make sure that it matches everything else in the bathroom - from the color on the walls, to the furniture fixtures (such as towel rails, lamps, taps and so on).

Even the bathroom floor can be stunning

And if you think that filling the visual space at eye-level could give great results, then move on to the floor. Here, again, you have a wide range of options you could go for (like in the photo shown). The important thing is that functionality is not compromised: remember that the bathroom is humid and the floor must be washed often.

Using black and white, you can never go wrong. And for the floor, you could go for a mosaic effect using small, black and white tiles.

Colorful tiles with repeating patterns on the walls


Using patterned tiles, you can create a fabulous, colored network all over your bathroom walls - and perhaps pick up on the style used on the floor.


Additionally, a contrast between the tiles and the grout between the joints can create pleasant patterns on the wall!

But if you want to be daring and have a bathroom filled with colour, then have fun using tiles like these!


A riot of colors on the floor and walls will make for an unforgettable bathroom

Imagine opening the door of what seems to be a small bathroom, and instead being surprised by a riot of colours. A bathroom deck out like the one shown above is sure to make an impression!

Using a recurring motif or pattern remains a winning idea, and there are many patterning options you can chose from.


Use different decorative patterns to define areas of the bathroom

Recurring motifs also help us divide spaces. Especially in modern bathrooms, it is the colors that define and demarcate the various divisions. If, for example, the shower did not have a raised masonry retaining step, and was directly between glass, then it would remain "disguised" in the rest of the bathroom. It's a very beautiful option, but it could be just as well to highlight it discreetly, simply by covering the area with tiles matching the colors of the rest of the bathroom.

Shower curtains

Perhaps you don't have the budget or will to renovate your bathroom like this. But you can still make improvements by putting up some fetching curtains! A nice shower curtain can work wonders for how your bathroom looks.


It is preferable that these curtains are made of synthetic materials that are easy to wash and resist humidity. But with extra care, fabric curtains can work too. 

So, say goodbye to boring curtains: chose something bold and make a statement!

How would you like to use repeating decorative motifs/patterns in your bathroom?