Front garden without a lawn: 11 ways to achieve this

by Mark Bennett

July 22, 2023

Front garden without a lawn: 11 ways to achieve this

When you want to decorate the front garden or the entrance to your home, you may think of using a flowerbed or planting a nice border... But this is not the only way to make your garden/home attractive. Undeniably, a well-kept, decorated lawn has its charm, but it also requires constant care to maintain and can be damaged in extreme heat.

However, there are many alternatives to consider when decorating your garden and without having to become a slave to lawn maintenance. We present some of these alternatives below:


Since there will usually be a driveway, why not extend the paved area so as to leave room for only a few flower beds of robust and decorative plants?


And for those who don't like the idea of paving everything over, there is the option to use flagstones or gravel (or something similar). These materials are especially recommended for those who live in arid areas.Whilst rain in arid areas may be rare this more "porous" paving will allow rain water to filter into the soil, where, among other things, it will nourish the roots of nearby plants.

Shrubs and ground cover

Here, the ground is mostly covered with pebbles/gravel, the driveway is paved using a few flat stones, and all the rest can be decorated with local perennials, experimenting with their shapes and colors.

Wooden decking

A very beautiful alternative is to install wooden decking - perfect for setting up a relaxation area.

Playing with the shapes and colors of perennials

As mentioned above, when choosing the plants for the garden, it is best to select perennials that are local (endemic) to the area where you live. If not sure, ask staff at your local nursery or consult a botonist!


Draw focus to a single, eye-catching plant

Set against the background of your perennials, you can decide to highlight a single plant that is very eye-catching: these will typically be plants that are covered with flowers in spring or summer, or that have amazing foliage in autumn!

Water feature

To add some movement and make the garden more beautiful and interesting, you can consider installing a small fountain or a mini-lake. There are a thousand ways you can set these up!


Large planters

Have you opted to use paving and don't want to manage too many flower beds? You can insert greenery into your environment using large vases, pots and planters with low-maintance plants (succulents, for example).

Design spaces with stones and other hard materials

Even when designing spaces, don't limit yourself to the most common options: the borders of flower beds can offer truly amazing opportunities for decorating your garden.



Xeriscaping is the process of landscaping, or gardening, that reduces or eliminates the need for irrigation.. There is also an enormous variety of plants that can be used, depending on the area and the time of year. The garden will never again be barren or boring!

A small, ornamental tree

The focal point of your garden could also be a small, ornamental tree. There are wonderful ones available for every season and region - you just need to pick your favourite.

Ready to create a beautiful, easy-to-manage garden?