12 nautical decorations to transform your bathroom into a maritime paradise

by Mark Bennett

July 06, 2023

12 nautical decorations to transform your bathroom into a maritime paradise

If you feel nostalgic for seaside holidays and want to recreate the beach atmosphere in your home, a nautically-styled bathroom is certainly the right solution for you. It may seem like an ambitious project, but you just need to pay attention to 3 simple details to get the desired effect: the color blue, circular mirrors and marine accessories.

The first step in creating a nautical bathroom is to bring the color of the sea into the room. You can repaint the walls in your favorite shade of blue, choose blue for the color of the floor tiles or for just some of the surfaces. There is a wide range of tones and shades for you to choose from.

The second step is mounting circular/round mirrors: they will instantly remind you of a ship's portholes; you can enhance the effect by using a frame similar to that of portholes (or other marine decorations).

The third and final step is to choose some maritime accessories for your bathroom. In this case, you can play with shapes and colors, even adding splashes of bright orange, red, yellow and green.

We suggest below 12 decorations that will transform your bathroom into a maritime paradise.

1. Storage lighthouse

What's better than a lighthouse to remind you of your beach holidays?


2. Blue wood and ropes

Blue shelves suspended below a ship's wheel and held up by ropes and sail hooks - a ship ready to go!

3. Shower curtains

A shower curtain with a nautically themed print is ideal for setting the maritime mood.

4. Bathroom soaps set

A soap dish, a jar and toothbrush holder set can easily reflect a nautical flavor.

5. Round mirrors

A round mirror in a porthole frame will help you feel "all at sea".


6. Toilet paper holder

How about a toilet paper holder held up by metal hooks and a rope? A perfectly nautical theme.

7. Towel rail oars

An oar can become a perfect towel rail.


8. Rope decorations

Wood paneling topped with a decorative cord adorned with shells will definitely remind you of the seaside.

9. Towel rack fish

A fish-shaped towel rack will make your bathroom more cheerful by reminding you of your seaside holidays.


10. Decorated frames

A mirror with a frame decorated with icons of the seaside is perfect to look into when you wake up in the morning. We are sure that this will start your day off on the right foot.

11. Ship's lamps

Illuminate your mirror with nautically-styled light fittings.


12. A hull or a shelf?

A boat's hull can easily turn into a set of shelves. And your bathroom will feel like it is docked at a port.

Have you chosen your favorite decorations yet?