10 adorable, fun, aluminum foil flower projects to do with the kids

by Mark Bennett

June 09, 2023

10 adorable, fun, aluminum foil flower projects to do with the kids

If you are looking for an easy and fun way to entertain your children, then these aluminum foil flower projects are just what you need. Whether you want to make decorations for your home or a cute handcrafted gift for someone, foil flowers are able to add a touch of elegance anywhere.

Once cut out and shaped, these flowers can be secured with tape or glue and can be further embellished with beads, sequins and buttons. We suggest below 10 easy projects from which you can take inspiration.

1. Collages

Collage is certainly one of the simplest projects you can do. Give your kids some colored sheets of paper and aluminum foil: they can cut these up and color them however they like and then glue them together to create a flower vase or a bouquet of their favorite blossoms.


2. Painted aluminum foil

Another very simple projectfor the little ones: by simply squeezing an empty roll of toilet paper slightly, so that it takes on an oval shape, and cutting it into strips, the pieces will take on the shape of petals. Place strips of cardboard on top to form flowers and cover them with aluminum foil. Your children will be able to color them as they like with felt-tip pens.

3. Flowers in a vase

Why not make some wonderful aluminum foil flowers for your vases? Simply cut the aluminum into the shape of petals and glue them together. Then, add a stick wrapped in aluminum foil for the stem. Choose your favorite flowers and try to copy them!

4. Hard flowers

If you want to make more solid, harder flowers, coat the foil with PVA glue and allow to dry overnight. When dry, cut out and glue together the petals. Check out this tutorial for details.

5. Embossed designs

A fun project for children is the creation of embossed designs to paint and hang up on the wall. Follow the step-by-step guide in this tutorial to undertake this wonderful project.


6. Superb roses

The undisputed queen of the garden - the rose - can become a perfect and elegant decoration. Follow the instructions here, one step at a time, and you can make them too!

7. Simple daisies

Making these wonderful daisies is simplicity itself: cut the aluminum into circles and make the petals by simply cutting slots in the foil.


8. Candle holder water lily

Create a wonderful candle holder water lily by recycling the aluminum containers of tea lights (tea candles). All you have to do is fold the containers and crush them to form the petals, which you can glue onto a round support such as an old CD or DVD. The result will be spectacular.

9. Bunch of tin can flowers

Even tin cans can be easily recycled to create wonderful bouquets of flowers. Be inspired by this tutorial.


10. Origami flowers

Take inspiration from the ancient Japanese art of origami to create wonderful tulips by simply folding colored aluminum sheets up in a particular sequence. Follow all the steps carefully and you will see what a magnificent result you get.

Which project will you start with?