8 simple photography tips to take truly unique shots

by Mark Bennett

June 07, 2023

8 simple photography tips to take truly unique shots

Today it's easy to take photographs: at any time of our day we can pick up our smartphones and capture a memorable moment. Technology also allows us to snapshots immediately. However, not all pictures we take turn out to be successes.

So, the question arises: how do some people take such spectacular and unique photos, even if they are not professionals? There are some simple tips that can help us take wonderful shots without too much effort and without resorting to buying complex and expensive cameras, but simply by using our smartphones.

Below, we reveal 8 easy photography tips and tricks to make your shots turn out perfectly.

1. The world through a porthole

A metal cutlery drainer is enough to get an evocative photo. It's as if you were looking at the world through a porthole that has emerged from the water.


2. Upside down

2. Upside down

@Demas Rusli/YouTube

To photograph reflections, use your phone upside down on a reflective surface - the shot will be much more symmetrical.

3. Through the pages of a book

A very easy photographic technique is to place your smartphone behind the page of a book (into which an opening has been cut); alternatively, you can place an open book on a flat surface and for the central pages into a tunnel through which you can take your photo.

4. Through a bottle

A simple plastic bottle in front of the lens helps make the shot look more appealing and interesting.

5. A matter of perspective

To create funny optical illusions, just put the different subjects in the shot at different perspectives.


6. Amazing close-ups

A hole in the sand, a flower pot covered with earth, a glass jar: there are so many things you can use to create stunning close-ups.

7. Fairytale portraits

Add fairytale-like detail to your portraits using the objects that the surrounds present to you.


8. Light and shadow

A colander, a lace veil or a textured fabric with holes can help you create interesting photos that play with the contrast of light and shadow.

Did you already know about any of these tips? Which ones do you use for your photographs?