Maximize home space using these 12 DIY ideas

by Mark Bennett

June 01, 2023

Maximize home space using these 12 DIY ideas

There's never enough space for storing all our knick-knacks, books, pantry foodstuffs and more. For this reason, it is important to find solutions to exploit every available free corner. Just look around each room and you will see there are still a few spaces that you can use - if you approach the problem with a bit of creativity.

So, if you're looking for a way to maximize the use of space in your small homes, why not get going with some DIY projects? Check out these 12 great ideas - you might be surprised at what you can achieve!

1. Repurposing certain objects

Often, objects that usually have one intended function can also be repurposed to do something else - like become shelves. How about, for example, these small corner shelves, made by repurposing wooden document holders?


2. Suspended bedside table

If your bedroom lacks space for nightstands, create one by mounting a suspended corner shelf.

3. Asymmetrical shelves

How many rooms have empty corners between two closely placed doors? Plants are perfect for decorating these areas, but you can make the most of them by using shelves which are arranged asymmetrically.

4. Old doors

An old door, cut and folded like this, can become a very practical corner shelving unit.

5. Bathroom shelves

Is your bathroom very small and you don't know where to store all your bathroom items? Don't worry, you can solve this problem by using small, square shelves. Install them in the corner next to the mirror and check out all the storage space you gain.


6. Wooden fruit crates

Wooden fruit crates are perfect for creating storage space even when there is none! Mount them on a wall in areas which are otherwise too small to accommodate regular storage units and furniture.

7. Staircase drawers

Have you ever thought about how much empty space there is under the stairs? Exploit this by turning the steps into drawers!


8. Under the stairs

Even the stairwell can be exploited profitably: closets, wardrobes or study corners will fit perfectly here!

9. Shelves behind a door

Are there too many stuffed animal toys in your home? Install small shelves behind the kids' bedroom door: your children will always have stuffed animals nearby and the floor will be free up for their games.


10. Wood and pipes

For those who love the industrial style, two pipes and a few wooden shelves will be enough to build a corner shelving unit. Perfect for the living room, for example.

11. Wine rack

How about a small, corner wine rack? Suspended so as not to block the way, this is a great way to store your wine and wine glasses.


12. Corner oven

If your kitchen has corners, to maximize the space available by placing the oven in one of the corners: this will free up your kitchen for other useful furnishing items.

Have you exploited the corners of your home yet?