Jennifer Lopez: her beauty tips are within everyone's reach

by Mark Bennett

June 14, 2023

Jennifer Lopez: her beauty tips are within everyone's reach

At over 50 years of age, Jennifer Lopez continues to mesmerize us with her flawless beauty which seems to defy time. Looking at this Hollywood diva, it's hard for her to believe that she was born in 1969! Of course, having good genes and following a balanced lifestyle helps, but Jennifer also does things for her appearance that all of us can do too.

For example, Jennifer always looks slightly tanned. And then, there is the sensual look she gets with her make-up. So, how does she achieve this look exactly? J-Lo revealed her "secret" in a video on her on her Instagram account.

Jennifer Lopez: her beauty tips are within everyone's reach - 1

J.Lo showed herself without using any filters in a video uploaded to her cosmetics brand account, JLO Beauty, to reveal what her routine preparation consists of. She follows this routine for important events such as the Met Gala which is held at  Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. The 2023 event was dedicated to fashion giant Karl Lagerfeld, with the theme being called "Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty".

Jennifer expalained in the video how she got ready for this event, following the steps that are listed below:

  • First step: using a hydrating and illuminating beauty serum (obviously a product from her cosmetics line).
  • Second step: applying sunscreen, with a factor of 30. In this regard, in fact, J.Lo explained: "People think I'm always tanned, that I spend all my time in the sun. But the truth is that I don't spend a lot of time in the sunshine". She uses, she said, self-tanners and bronzers, but she stays out of direct sunlight and doesn't leave the house without sun protection. And indeed, we should all do this.
  • Third step: a booster for the complexion, a slightly iridescent one to really make the skin shine.

She uses the products from her cosmetics line, which can be found in shops world-wide and, of course, online.

And what about her eyes? Well, the makeup artist in charge of making this gorgeous 50-year-old even more beautiful has revealed that J.Lo uses super-cheap false eyelashes, from a brand that costs only a few dollars and can be found in almost any beauty shop (KISS - My Lashes But Better).


Who would have thought that behind such a great look there were tips that are within anyone's reach?