This young man restored an old armchair using a commonly-found product

by Mark Bennett

September 04, 2022

This young man restored an old armchair using a commonly-found product

A walk through second-hand and thrift shops can lead you to finding treasures, and sometimes you don't need a trained eye to see the beauty hidden under a dirty patina that has been left by time. The problem, at times, is rather that we do not know how to restore these items.

Fortunately, this was not the case with a comfortable and still-serviceable, sturdy pink velvet armchair, unearthed by a TikTokker who is an upholstery professional. His name is Brandon and on TikTok, he manages the Clean That Up account.

The young man knew that just a little alcohol would be enough to clean the armchair.

via @cleanthatup/TikTok



As we see in his video, Brandon found the chair, and decided to take it to his shop to clean it thoroughly, so that he could then donate it to a charity afterwards.

Brandon equipped himself with:

  • 70 ° isopropyl alcohol
  • A spray bottle
  • A soft cloth
  • A vacuum cleaner with an upholstery nozzle
  • A brush (to recondition the velvet at the end of the cleaning)

The steps are simple:

  • Vacuum to remove most of the superficial dirt.
  • Spray the alcohol on the upholstery.
  • Rub firmly in order to act on all problematic points, and at the same time, sanitize the surface.
  • Carefully pass go over the upholstery with the appropriate vacuum cleaner tool.
  • Once everything is dry and clean, restore the velvet with a soft bristled brush.

The important thing is to be very careful, and until the alcohol has completely dried, not to bring any flame or spark near the upholstery. So before moving the cleaned piece of furniture elsewhere, keep it airing out for a while.

The chair in question then continued his journey: since the charity that Brandon had initially chosen was not open, and due to the many comments posted to his original video (seen millions of times), the young man decided to donate it to another organization. The reconditioned armchair ended up in a women's refuge, as described at the end of the video.