Make your bedroom perfect for the summer: here's some decorating ideas you can try out

by Mark Bennett

June 14, 2024


Summer has arrived and perhaps you now want to update your bedroom furniture to suit the season - what options are open to you? Well, with just a few simple touches here and there, your bedroom can become a haven of "happy summer vibes" - read on to find out more.


The perfect bed for summer

serpil serdar/pinterest

Being a bedroom, it makes sense to start with the bed, of course. Strip off heavy blankets, duvets and any piles of pillows (and/or fluffy toys!). Ideally, you want to be turning in on a summer's night in a "light-weight", minimalized bedroom.

Go for breathable fabrics for your covers (and which even look cool), like those made from cotton, linen, silk and even bamboo fibers.


Leisure and relaxation reflected on the walls


Hanging decorations on the walls can be thought of as adding fashion accessories to your bedroom: hang up items from your summer wardrobe on the walls (like cheerful, summer hats, for example) and pictures/painting that capture the "spirit" and colors of summer.

If you have the means, you can go one step further: blend your fittings and furnishings in the bedroom into the summer theme! Stationery holders, pillows, footstools, cushions and more, can be "upgraded" to reflect the "good vibes" and colors of summer (yellows and oranges).

Plants = coolness


Plants in the home are assets all year round, and in summer, they delight us with their vigorous growth and blooming flowers. Having greenery around you (and especially in the bedroom) will give you a feeling of freshness, coolness and being in tune with nature!

Choose a theme and color palette you like

Look around your bedroom and try to imagine you need to create a summer-themed film set - what choices would you make? Go online for inspiration and ideas (which are plentiful). Perhaps you want boldly colored accessories, "summery" garlands to hang up, amusing lamps and lights, signs with thought-provoking messages, clusters of iconic symbols of summer, and much, much more - what suits your personality best?

And obviously, don't forget the bed linen: for some, summer means using the blue-green color of the sea; for others, it's the pastel colors of ice cream; and for yet others, it is a palette of vibrant and lively colors "borrowed" from nature... There are no bad choices, as long as it works for you!

The bedroom as a dream holiday destination

Anupama Shetty/Pinterest

Summer is often the time for vacations, travel and adventures, so why not bring this theme into your bedroom? For example, why not decorate the room with momentos, photos, souvenirs and other "treasures" you've acquired in your past travels?!

How do you plan to decorate your bedroom for the summer?