Feng shui: tips and rituals to start your day off on the right foot

by Mark Bennett

June 11, 2024


The ancient Chinese art/philosophy of Feng Shui focuses on the layout of homes in order to better to promote harmony, well-being and prosperity. According to this belief system, homes needed be furnished and decorated with great care and attention in order to enhance psychophysical well-being, attract good luck, success at work and foster positive personal relationships.

Below, we suggest some Feng Shui-inspired rituals to start your day off on the right foot:

1. The importance of water

Lydia Borkaii Ainoo/Wikimedia Commons

Water is a fundamental element in Feng Shui, supposedly able to promote prosperity, wealth and overall well-being. Put an indoor fountain or an aquarium into your home: the gentle drip/trickle of the water will immediately give you a sense of calm and peace. Take a shower or drink a large glass of water in the morning as soon as you wake up - this will help you face your day in a more serene manner.


2. All-natural elements


Adding all-natural elements to your home - such as wooden furniture and accessories, all-natural fabrics (such as cotton or wool) and potted plants - can stabilize the balance of the atmosphere in your home. This balance is supposedly created by these elements providing continuity with the outdoors. In the words of Feng Shui, "these natural elements will favor the continuous and natural flow of energy (chi), promoting well-being and summoning prosperity from the moment of awakening".

Additionally, green plants will help purify the air and make your home look and feel more lively and energetic and will generally create a more positive "vibe".

3. Tidy up regularly


There is nothing worse for your energy levels than waking up in a chaotic, cluttered room or house. In fact, clutter blocks the flow of energy (chi) and in the bedroom, this can disrupt you getting peaceful sleep. For this reason, it is important to get rid of all the items you no longer use and put away all your other stuff as soon as you are done using them. In short, keep your home clean, tidy and free of obstacles.

Once you've done this, your energy levels will increase (and your mood will improve too!).

4. The correct morning routine


Set up a positive morning routine which allows you to feel enthusiastic about the new day: eat a healthy, ample breakfast and attend to your personal hygiene and grooming needs. Before leaving for work, make the bed. Doing all these things will ensure you start your day on the right foot.

Everyone has their own morning routine which should based on one's personal needs and preferences. But attending to these needs properly will put an optimistic bounce in your step!

5. Use soft colors


Decorating your home in soft, pastel colors and neutral shades will also help to create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere in your home (bold and bright colors supposedly block the flow of positive energy). Especially in the bedroom, use neutral shades and soft colors: this will help you have a peaceful sleep and you will wake up energized.

So, why not try out these Feng Shui tips at home and get your mornings off to a roaring start!