Move away from using just white: try these decorative paints and painting techniques to transform your home

by Mark Bennett

June 07, 2024


Painting walls dates back to the dawn of human civilization and has slowly evolved (with us!) into the "art form" it is today.

Painting the expansive surfaces in our homes helps to liven up the dwelling, banish the bland and boring and create a more harmonious living environment. And, using paints with different, unique finishes can further enhance the overall, positive impact of painting one's home.

Given this, check out below some decorative painting techniques you could consider using to transform your home:

1. Rust effect


A rust-effect decorative paint is perfect for creating an accent wall that will give your rooms a rustic, lived-in look. Versatile and compatible with numerous other decors, rust-effect paint usually contains particles of iron, copper, brass or bronze which oxidize and produce actual, real rust. Easy to apply, this paint is suitable for both internal and external environments (protecting it in the latter case with a good sealant).


2. Concrete effect


Perfect for highlighting industrially-styled decors, concrete-effect paint can be applied with a range of finishes: from completely smooth, to "just-trowled", to elegantly stippled (and more).

Concrete-effect paint usually comes in "cold" tones of gray and blue, and often with very dark undertones that can be "lightened-up" when used in conjuction with brightly-colored furniture and/or flooring. Dark versions of this paint might only be appropriate for use on an an accent wall or a ceiling.

3. Natural stone effect


Another range of highly popular decorative paints are the ones that have a natural stone effect, mimicking, for example, travertine (a type of limestone), terracotta or marble. With this paint, the decorative value comes from it having a three-dimensional effect that will make you want to reach out to touch and feel it!

Thanks to this type of paint, you can add elegance and refinement to your home with just a few coats.

4. Pearl effect


Pearl-effect paint adds charm to your walls by changing their appearance based on how it reflects the light. The glossy finish provides elegance and refinement to the environment, and increases a room's overall brightness. Combined with pastel shades, pearl-effect paint will be perfect for bedrooms, reflecting a relaxing, soft light.

5. Metallic effect


Finally, if you want to add brightness and elegance to your rooms, use metallic-effect paints. This type of paint is suitable both for modern furnishing decors (where the dominant colors will be steel and rust), and for more classic environments (where silver and bronze shades are more prominent).

How will you paint the walls (and other surfaces) in your home?