Furnishing a balcony with pallets: ideas for transforming your outdoors areas

by Mark Bennett

June 06, 2024


Enjoy your balcony more by using pallets: the DIY pallet-projects described below are easy to do and will greatly improve your outdoor areas. And pallets can be cut to size to exactly fit into the outdoor spaces you have available. Also, by using pallets to create new balcony furniture, you can save a fortune!

Furnish your balcony with pallets

@urbannaturekid /Instagram

Using pallets for DIY projects - like creating outdoor furniture - is one of the most popular DIY activities there is due to how easy and cheap they can be.

Give building yourself a sofa, or a mini table for your balcony a go - even if you are a DIY "greenhorn".


Personalize your space


In addition to being cheap, the great versatility of pallets is their forte: just by placing one on top of the other, you can create the frame for an outdoors sofa/bench. Go one step further and use another pallet as a backrest for this sofa/bench. And if you cut a pallet in half, add some planks for a top, you'll have a handy coffee/side table!

These are all items that will look great on your balcony!

Storage room in a pallet sofa


By using pallets to create a sofa, you will also notice that there is space between the gaps in the pallet frames that you can exploit: you can put lights in these gaps, or use them to store objects in (or go one step further by making special storage drawers - as shown here)!

Choose whatever style you want


Pallet wood is not treated and is not of high value, so it looks quite "rustic" in its regular, "raw" form. But this doesn't mean the wood has to stay this way: pallet wood can be sanded, stained, varnished, painted and sealed for a more refined look. Finish off the "new" look by adding pillows, cushions, throws and similar.

Models for every need


What do you need on your balcony to make it extra-special? Perhaps you want a small bed or an L-shaped sofa or more seating. Well, you can satisfy these needs by using pallets to make this furniture. And you can further refine the look of this furniture by providing armrests (perhaps also with slots for potted plants to fit into!).


Decorate every part of your balcony with pallets


Not just for making comfy furniture: you can use pallets to create vertical planters/gardens (mounted to the balcony walls) and even decorate these with lights for magical evenings spent outside.

Caring for pallets placed outside


Since pallet wood is "raw and rough" it is down to you to ensure it can withstand the elements for as long as possible.

The first thing to do is to sand the pallet wood thoroughly and diligently to prevent any splinters from injuring someone (or tearing fabrics placed on it). 



Once sanded down, it is necessary to treat the wood: not only to get the color you want, but to protect the wood from inclement weather conditions.


Treat the wood to a little "TLC" every year before the start of the summer (touch-ups, sealing, varnishing, etc), and your pallet furniture will last for ages!