9 modern planters and vases to make your balcony or terrace look amazing

by Mark Bennett

May 30, 2024


A beautiful balcony or terrace graced with plants and flowers of all types: certainly, this is achievable if you have decorative plants, but having the right planter and flower pots is important too. Coming in all shapes, sizes and colors, why not take a look at the ideas below for some inspiration?!

1. Tall, narrow, plastic planter


This type of planter is perfect for climbing plants that are to grow on a trellis. And they're great for vertical-foliage plants (like bamboo or pampas grasses). With planters like these, you can also screen off the railings without taking up unnecessary space.


2. Minimalist planters for all your plants


Here's a very simple but highly effective design: this planter is made from a special polymer that is resistant to UV rays, and also easy to clean (given its smooth, uncomplicated lines). Furnishing areas with these types of planter is much easier due to their simple shapes. These planters are also perfect to partition off areas on a large balcony or terrace!

When purchasing these planters, always pay attention to the material they're made from: they must be able to resist intense heat and winter frosts, and their coloring should not fade when exposed to the elements continuously. Finally, many of these planters are made from recycled materials - maybe you'll spend a little more (on recycled models), but the investment will be worth it.

3. Painted, steel, vase holder


Just like vase/pot holders used in the home, you can use these items outside. The vase holders come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors (and nothing stops you from painting them in elegant pastels, for example). These vase holders are perfect for keep vase and pots off the ground, faciliatating cleaning and ensuring the vases don't leave those annoying rings of grime on your flooring.

Of course, the metal of these vase/pot holders must be treated so they don't rust due to exposure to the elements.

4. A futuristic look from galvanized steel


Fancy a "space" decor? Something futuristic and long-lasting? Well, what you need is galvanized steel planters: super sturdy and robust, this metal will not deteriorate/rust in the outdoors. And with galvanized steel planters with geometric, simple shapes, your terrace or balcony will be the envy of your neighbors!

5. ... and even round ones!


Staying with galvanized metal planters, they come in all shapes and sizes and some even have a satin finish.

Galvanized steel is also used to make gardening tools and water troughs for grazing animals. Given this, this material is highly resitant to inclement weather. However, for those with more refined finishes - such as the ones shown in the photo - it is best to clean the surfaces when necessary: for routine cleaning, a wipe with a damp cloth will be sufficient; for more stubborn dirt,  use a slightly abrasive sponge (but without metallic abrasives) and wipe down following the grain of the satin finish (to avoid any risk of scratching the metal).


6. Abstract and exotic shapes


A modern look does not necessarily mean going for simple, clean geometric shapes: there is also room for softer and more abstract shapes, like those from certain leading designers. This is the case of the famous ceramist and potter, Andile Dyalvane. Andile brings the beauty and traditions of his homeland, South Africa, to his designs (including the practice of ritual scarification). And it's from this that the name Bhaca comes (which means scarification in the Xhosa language) and is used to categorize Andile's work.

7. An outdoor cork vase?


There are also outdoor cork vases available, such as those from the BUSH ON collection by Roda. They are made with high quality brown cork (a 100% all-natural and eco-friendly material). Cork gives these planters an attractive, solid and compact appearance - perfect for decorating your outdoor spaces in a refined and unique way.


8. Galvanized steel but with a paint finish


You can also find planters made from galvanized steel that have been powder coated and will last forever. Galvanized steel planters in a vast range colors are available on the market - the choice is yours!

9. A splash of color


Staying with painted planters, how about "going bold"? An electric blue, for example, would stand out prominently against white walls, terracotta brickwork and more! And it would be fun to choose plants that match these shades for a truly spectacular arrangement on your balcony or terrace.

What type of outdoor planters will you choose?