Colors to decorate your bathroom with: here's the shades preferred by interior designers

by Mark Bennett

May 28, 2024


Be it for a new bathroom or one you're doing up, the question remains: what color to paint it? Besides classic white, what other colors can you select from? Perhaps some shade of grey, pink or green? Or maybe a more bold, vibrant, eye-catching color? Let's check out below the colors/paints for bathrooms that are currently trending with interior design experts:


1. The charm of sage green

Gray has always been a popular color, while the green has come and gone. But a blend of these two colors is a favorite of interior designers as it always looks good in a bathroom: this blend - sage green - is a subtle, elegent shade that, many say, helps one relax.


2. A warm and bold olive green


Olive green has been very popular for a number of years now: in its "cold" shading, it is similar to the sage green described above; in its "warm" shading, it is the perfect complement for vintage decors (especially 1970s-styled bathrooms).

3. Beige, revisited


When thinking about beige, a warm color comes to mind with a white-grey hue that "slides" into yellow. But what if the "warmth" of beige were to be removed? This produces a beige that is all the rage these days and is perfect for black & white-furnished bathrooms!

4. The strong character of dark grey


Do you want a dark color for your bathroom? Without going as far as using black (which is beautiful, but difficult to "manage"), you can rather go with dark grey: dark grey creates a "strong" atmosphere, but its neutral character makes it versatile and easy to use in a bathroom.

5. Black and white: all you need


If your bathroom walls are white, then the furnishings can be in black, which will focus the attention on their shapes, forms and material compostions!


6. Subtle lavender

Let's move on to more romantic colors in the pastel ranges: lavender, for example, is perfect for creating a delicate and relaxing "cocoon" atmosphere, while still remaining subtle and easy to match with common bathroom furnishings.

7. Cornflower blue

How about using the pastel blue of cornflowers or forget-me-nots? Both these shades of blue go well with white, darker/bolder blues and shiny metal fixtures and fittings!


8. A vibrant turquoise


Entering a he bathroom like the one shown here, will make you feel like you are immersed in the turquoise waters of a sea, and basking in bright sunlight. Hints of white, salmon and gold (or copper) will further enrich this decor.

9. Deep plum

Velvety and with a soft, almost unfathomable depth: dark plum is an elegant color and suited to an old-fashioned, vintage- styled decor.


10. Warm, matte pink

Marlies Van Kerkhove/Pinterest

How about a warm pink, which has undertones of a delicate salmon? This is the perfect shade for a plaster surfaces, and can be harmoniously combined with glossy tiling. Create a welcoming, bright and unpretentious bathroom with this color.

11. A splash of energetic tangerine

At The Picket Fence/Hometalk

Don't need to paint the walls in your bathroom? OK, but what if you still wanted add "energy" to your bathroom? Well, paint the ceiling! How about creating an energetic atmosphere by painting the ceiling in a vibrant tangerine (or orange-yellow)?

What color will you choose for your bathroom?