Recycle wooden boxes into attractive, useful furnishings for your living room

by Mark Bennett

May 28, 2024


Recently, more and more people are using DIY, recycling projects to create simple furniture and decorations for their homes. And wooden fruit crates/boxes are a very popular, versatile, cheap resource material for these DIYers.

Given this, what DIY projects could one undertake for a living room? Well, check out the examples given below:


1. Storage pouf

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One of the most popular and simplest DIY projects to take on is transforming a wooden fruit crate into a practical storage pouf. Not only is this a perfect accessory for the living room (providing extra seating), but it also gives you space to store things in (like winter blankets, for example). For this project, you will need: a wooden fruit crate/box, a plywood board, some fabric and some wadding or foam rubber to make the seat.

Start by sanding down the crate/box to remove any splinters and paint it whatever color you like (you can leave it in its natural color too, of course). Then, make the seat by cutting the plywood board to the same size as the top of the box and cover it with the fabric. If you use wadding, secure one side of the fabric to the wood, insert the wadding and then secure the rest of the fabric to the seat. If you use foam rubber, just cut it to the same size as the plywood board top and then cover with the fabric. When your seat is ready, simply secure it on top of the box (with a hinge so that it acts as a lid).

You can complete the project by adding feet or wheels, if you wish.


2. Storage coffee table

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A coffee table is another a living room classic that you can easily make using recycled wooden boxes. This simple project will allow you to make a small storage coffee table with a handy top for your coffee/tea service.

Great for a rustic decor, you just need to sand down your boxes and paint them (if you want). Then, add a lid made from recycled wooden planks from another box and add handles (so you can pick it up and move it around easily) .

Simply add more boxes if you want a bigger coffee table with more storage space.

This is an easy and useful project which anyone can do!

3. Footrest


Making a handy footrest from a wooden fruit crate is simplicity itself! Just turn the crate upside down, add the padding and fabric (as described above) and your footrest is built in a jiffy!

4. Book and magazine racks

A DIY book and magazine rack made from wooden boxes

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Having a small book/magazine rack next to the sofa is a gretat way to keep your living room neat and tidy and will prevent you from losing your remote controls. You can make this rack by simply recycling a wooden box (or two). Add feet or wheels to complete this project.

Which of these projects will you try?