How can you make your home more cozy and welcoming? Try taking the advice from interior design experts

by Mark Bennett

May 15, 2024


When furnishing your home, aesthetics, comfort and a creating a welcoming atmosphere are all vitally important factors.

There are various design elements that can allow you to furnish you home in a balanced way, creating a homely, harmonious environment.

Below, we provide some advice from interior designers you might be able to use:

1. Lighting

Correct lighting is fundamental in a home and must match the activities being pursued: for example, having adequate lighting when dining and more subdued lighting when wanting to relax. Lights can be put in the ceiling, on the walls and table tops and have bulb strenghts that will help make the mood. Integrate natural lighting with artificial lighting to illuminate your rooms and use mirrors to make the most of the natural light that enters through the windows.


2. Correct color schemes


Chosing a color scheme should not be left to chance. Colors are well known to be a key factor in setting the "tone" of the surrounding environment and also influencing one's mood.

Choose neutral and soft colors that will help create continuity with the outdoors in order to promote harmony. Use bolder colors to accent a single wall, fabrics or a furnishing accessory which, in turn, will add depth and character.

3. Textiles


Textiles can help add warmth and comfort to your rooms: carpets, curtains, blankets and cushions are key in giving warmth and character to your rooms. Choose textiles and textures that reflect your personality and allow for seasonal changes to your textiles as the year progresses.

4. Personalization

Coordinated artwork


Personalizing your home is the best way to make it feel totally yours; tell your story through the choice of artwork and decorative elements you select and put up. Your home will immediately feel warmer, more welcoming and cozy.

5. Plants

Living room with plants


Indoor plants and freshly cut flowers provide a link to the outdoors and nature. Lush, green houseplants, water features, raw wood and stone - all these elements will help you relax and put you in a good mood.

Which of these furnishing approaches have you adopted in your home?