Burnt food residue on the stovetop: remove this with simple, DIY remedies

by Mark Bennett

May 11, 2024


Certainly, a glass/ceramic-topped induction stove/oven looks very elegant in any kitchen. But these types of stovetops can be challenging to clean. Glass, although robust, is still more fragile than stainless steel. Given this, how do you clean glass stovetops properly? Well, you can try out some home remedies that we've detailed below:

Toothpaste to remove burnt-on grime

F. G. Borello, Karinear/Amazon

Check to see if your toothpaste contains sodium bicarbonate: if it does, you can use it to clean your induction oven's glass top!

Of course, the stove must be cold and turned off. Smear a generous amount of toothpaste on the burnt-on grime. Leave this to act for about a quarter of an hour, then take a damp sponge or soft (non-abrasive) cloth and remove the toothpaste (drying off immediately afterwards).


2. Use a commercial, abrasive cleaning paste

JTDCR, Bio_mex/Amazon

There are many popular commercial cleaning pastes available which you can use to clean your induction oven's glass top. Some have bicarbonate, quartz powder, sodium silicate (as well as soap), or even clay as finely ground, gentle abrasive additives. These abrasive pastes can be spread on the glass top of your induction oven with a dampened sponge or cloth. Then rub in gently to remove the grime. Finish by wiping the paste and grime away with another damp cloth.

3. Alcohol vinegar

Francesco C., Ponti/Amazon

White alcohol vinegar is also very useful for cleaning induction oven glass tops. Simply decant the vinegar into a spray bottle and spray generously over the grime. Leave on for 15-20 minutes before using a sponge (or soft cloth), some washing up liquid and water to clean away the grime which the vinegar has softened.

You can also apply the vinegar by soaking sheets of kitchen paper towels in it and laying the towels over the grime. Thereafter, proceed as described above.

Remember: it is important to clean the stove top only when it is completely cool, no matter what method you chose to use.

Using these cleaning methods between each cooking session will prevent your induction oven's glass top from turning into a kitchen nightmare!