6 plants that are perfect for a sunny balcony: colorful, resilient and highly decorative

by Mark Bennett

May 07, 2024


A sunny balcony, terrace or garden: which plants are best for spots like this? Well, we list some of these below -  from great classics (such as hibiscus) to ornamental salvias, and more. There are plants which will suit every taste and need! Keep reading to find out more:

1. Ornamental salvias


Ornamental salvias are colorful, long-flowering, much beloved by pollinating insects and capable of tolerating moderate periods of drought. These plants also love very sunny spots and need very little maintainance (other than having well-draining soil).

There are salvia species that produce flowers, have scented leaves and grow very vigorously. Here's a tip: the larger and more "showy" the flowers are, the less capable the plant will be withstanding harsh winters. The more delicate species tend to lose their long branches, but new shoots will replace these at the end of winter.


2. Agapanthus


In a pot by themselves, or as a flowerbed border plant, agapanthus are always a great choice. They are bulbous plants native to Africa and they love the sun. Agapanthus flower in spring or summer depending (on the variety and the local climate). The flowers look like fireworks at the top of their long stems, and can range from white to blue. There are more compact species that grow up to 30-40 cm in height; then there are others that are decidedly more "showy" - the choice is yours!

3. Hibiscus

Ralph Bossingham/Pexels

The hibiscus is an iconic symbol of summer. And there are many types of hibiscus: some can reach "gigantic" dimensions and can resist the cold very well (eg. the moscatous); then, there others that are very robust and compact, making them suitable for creating hedges or growing as small trees (eg. hibiscus syriacus or the Chinese hibiscus). Research you local climatic conditions year-round to determine which species of hibiscus is best suited to your garden!

4. Gaillardia

Lazaregagnidze/Wikimedia Commons

The beautiful flowers of a Gaillardia (aka blanket flowers) remind one of the shavings from a sharpened crayon. Highly resilient, this plant loves sunny balconies and terraces. Additionally, the Gaillardia can withstand extreme cold and heat. In summer, you only need to water it once a week (or whenever the soil dries out). When this plant enters its hibernation period, watering can be cut down to once every several weeks!

5. Zinnia


Zinnias have waht is known as double coronas which come in a vast range shades, and bloom from the beginning of summer until late autumn. These plants give of their best if placed in the right spot and are not over-watered. Water them only when the soil dries out.


6. Cosmos

Rameshng/Wikimedia Commons

Popular in urban parks, the cosmos delights us with their radiant colors and they also do well when grown in planters on balconies or home flowerbeds. They bloom in spring, but can flower during summer and even into autumn (depending on the local climate). Cosmos come in a vast range of colors: there is even one type (Cosmos atrosanguineus) which is known as "Chocolate Flower", due to its dark color and the unmistakable scent it gives off!

Which of these plants would you like to have in your sunny garden?