Organize a small bedroom efficiently and exploit the available space optimally

by Mark Bennett

April 27, 2024

Organize a small bedroom efficiently

Furnishing a small bedroom can be a challenging task. But with the right approach, it is possible to create aesthetically pleasing and functional bedrooms where you will feel comfortable relaxing.

Check out some of the techniques you can use to achieve this goal below:


1. The importance of light

A large window in a small room


Light is an important factor in small rooms and can help expand the space if exploited in the right way. Make the most of the windows you have to let in natural light by leaving them curtain-free (or by using light, transluscent curtains).


2. The position of the bed


The bed is typically the bulkiest piece of furniture in a bedroom, so it needs to be positioned properly. Prevailing wisdom is to position the bed centrally against a main wall, preferably without blocking any windows and leaving enough space on both sides to work around. The important thing is to maintain the room's symmetry.

3. Keep it simple


Maintain simplicity as much as possible when choosing furnishing accessories and decorative elements for your room. Go for furniture that is scaled for size for the size of your bedroom and use color/painting schemes (preferably in neutral tones).

4. Create an accent wall


Add depth to your neutrally-colored bedroom by creating an accent wall using patterned wallpaper or paint that contrasts with the rest of the decor.

5. Make use of mirrors

Wall-mounted mirrors


Mirrors can also help you make your bedroom look more spacious: place large mirrors on the walls, in front of the windows to increase and reflect natural light into the room.


6. Use niches and recesses


Niches and recesses in the wall can help you gain extra space to store your bedroom goodies: mount open-faced shelves inside these recesses to "claim back" this valuable space.

7. Multifunctional furniture


Maximizing the space for storing your possessions is critical when it comes to furnishing small bedrooms: this is why multifunctional furniture - such as storage beds, headboards with shelves and wardrobes with built-in desks - become valuable furnishing assets.


8. Make use of all the walls


Finally, we advise you to take advantage of all the space available on the walls. A shelf above the bedroom door, for example, can be great for storing infrequently used items; tall wardrobe (reaching the ceiling) will also help you out immensely with your storage needs.

How did you furnish your small bedroom?