Illuminate you balcony with stylish, customizable lighting solutions

by Mark Bennett

April 26, 2024

Illuminate your balcony with stylish lighting solutions

On the walls, hung from the ceiling (where there is one), resting on the ground, on a table or placed on a railing: there are a thousand ways to use lamps to illuminate your outdoor areas stylishly. So, whether you just want ambient light, or something brighter, there's something for everyone. Check out the examples below:

1. Dim wall-mounted lights

Edge lighting is particular brand of wall-mounted lighting and is perfect for dimly lighting a balcony furnished in a modern style. This is a wear-resistant, waterproof product and should not have any problems caused by insects, dust and inclement weather!


2. Three-dimensional wall lights

Another type of modern wall lamp,this fitting has smaller dimensions: in this example, the portion that protrudes from the wall is only 25 cm wide. This model is small, powerful and designed to withstand inclement weather.

3. Decorative lights inside planters

If you have planters on your balcony, you could consider sticking some decorative, solar lights into to them. These lights come in all shapes, sizes, and hues. And (during daytime) many models are "camouflaged" and will blend in with the plants so as not to be very noticable.

4. Oriental-styled lanterns


Made from fabric, rice paper, silk or crepe paper, oriental-styled Chinese lanterns can be a beautiful addition to your outdoor areas. Of course, they will need to be protected from getting wet, high winds or being exposed to direct sunlight.

5. The classic bulbs and cable

Leroy Merlin

A string of hanging, bare light bulbs: this is a timeless lighting solution. Easy to assemble, how about using this "system" to illuminate your outdoor areas?


6. Discreet light fittings on a railing


You can purchase solar bulbs that can be installed on steps, railings, walls, windowsills, and more. These fittings are generally down-lighters, providing light without it glaring in your eyes. Discreet, dim but still functional!

7. Free-standing laterns


In terms of free-standing, mobile lanterns, there are a lot of options open: you can buy commercial models or even try your hand at some DIY. Models also include those powered with batteries, use real candles, or have solar-powered bulbs. And, of course, you have the advantage of placing them wherever you want to.


8. Hanging, solar lanterns


Hanging, solar lamps also come in a vast array of models. But to be kept outside, these laterns need to be properly weather-proofed to withstand the vagaries of a changing climate.

9. Appliques that resemble vintage street lamps

Returning to wall-mounted lights, there are many models available that are replicas of vintage street lamps (but with modern components, of course).

And in terms of energy saving systems, consider using dimmer switches and/or low-intensity, LED, CFL or halogen bulbs!


10. Oil lamps

If you think of oil lamps, perhaps the stories of Ali Baba comes to mind. And, in fact, you can get modern oil-fueled lamps these days that are super-elegant and very efficient. You can place small ones on tables and windowsills, but there are also free-standing, floor models. An example of this latter category are those you see shown in the photo. These are Meira oil lanterns, designed by Krøyer-Sætter-Lassen for Menu (a Danish design studio), and inspired by the shape of ancient oil laterns and torches.

11. Luminous globes to place on the floor... or wherever you want

Leroy Merlin

Floor lamps, in the shape of luminous globes, come in many sizes, finishes and colors! They can be used to line walkways, walls, garden features and, of course to illuminate your balcony or terrace too! 


12. Strings of light bulbs, but with lampshades


Refering back to the classic bulb-and-cable look, you can do the same, but with slightly more "refined-looking" bulbs (ie. purchasing bulbs that come with variously style, small lampshades).

13. An outdoor, table lamp

Sometimes, you may need something a bit brighter than a wall-mounted lantern. In this case, purchasing a stylish, elegant table lamp (like the one pictured here) could be the solution for you.

Try combining some of these solutions and you will soon have a very enviable balcony or terrace!