Make your balcony something to envy by tastefully decorating the surrounding walls: here's some ideas for inspiration

by Mark Bennett

April 23, 2024

Make your balcony more beautiful by tastefully decorating the walls

When you think about furnishing the balcony or terrace, your first concern might be to ensure it is comfortably equipped and furnished. But what about the surrounding walls? Well, you can decorate these too using decorative objects, plants, lights and more... Check out the ideas below for some inspiration:


1. Plates and trays on the walls

Do you have a collection of "fancy" plates or tray (or other decorative terracotta/ceramic objects)? If the wall to be decorated on the balcony or terrace is sheltered from strong winds and bad weather, then displaying these collections here is a great idea!


2. Romantic lanterns

El Fenn Hotel Marrakech/instagram

The inspiration in this example comes from the decor of hotels in Marrakech, where "bunches" of candle lanterns adorn the walls. A simple decor, but elegant and romantic.

3. Pottery and greenery

Do you like vases, flower pots, bowls and terracotta planters? If so, decorate your terrace walls with these wall-mounted items (as shown here)!

4. Artwork

How about using artwork to decorate your terrace or balcony? Paintings, photographs, decorative ceramic panels and more will be perfect for this. Obviously, your terrace or balcony also needs to be able to shield your artwork from inclement weather.

5. Vertical vegetable garden

There are dozens of DIY ideas for creating small, vertical gardens for strawberries, tomatoes, spices and more. If you have the space needed, a vertical veggie garden will be amazing to have!


6. Creatively recycled furnishings


Do you need some shelving for your outdoor refuge? Well, the walls of balconies and terraces are perfect for putting up shelves made from recycled wooden crates, pallets and other scrap wood you may have laying around.

7. A coat of paint for a maximalist look


Who said a maximalist decor must only be used in the interior of the home? A coat of paint on the walls - in a cheerful and "unorthodox" color - accompanied with plants, metallic ornaments and colorful decorations will create a "riot" of vibrancy.


8. Assisted painting


Do you want to paint your balcony/terrace walls with decorate patterns/designs but aren't capable? Well, you can buy and use some paint stencils to help you out with this.

9. Eye-catching paintings

Video tutorial via multiiple_impressions/Instagram

This wall art looks like framed pictures, but they are actually designs painted on the wall! And it's easier to do this than you might think! Check out how to do this by clicking on the link to a video tutorial under the photo.


10. Garden furniture and mats


Although it will never be a "real" garden, your balcony or terrace can mimic one! With outdoor sunbeds or chaise longues,  plants and mats of faux grass, you can get a proper garden feel!

Have you ever thought about how to transform your balcony or terrace?