Wooden slats are all the rage: 15 ideas for furnishing your home using this trending material

by Mark Bennett

April 20, 2024

Trendy wooden slats: 15 ideas for furnishing your home using increasingly popular material

The popularity and appeal of decorative wooden slats is trending big time! And using this slatting to decorate walls, partitions, furniture and even the ceiling is definitely a modern design trend that is gaining traction everywhere!

1. Slatted walls


Wooden slats or slatting refers to narrow, thick wood strips, placed side by side (with a small gap between each strip) to cover entire surfaces (like walls). When used on walls, their sound-absorbing/dampening properties are significant.



The coloring of the slats can be contrasted with the background of the suface on which they are mounted. But many go for a monochrome look (as shown here). Notwithstanding this, you will maintain the three-dimensional feel that this type of cladding gives to any surface.

2. Partial wall cladding


Wood slats can also be used to highlight certain architectural elements, providing an accented focus in a room. For example, here, the slats (on the wall and ceiling) accent the window frame.

3. Door slats and dividers


Since the slats are placed side by side but with a gap between them, this allows light to pass. As such, this makes slats perfect to act as partitions which can separate rooms without losing the intervening light.


Given this feature, movable, slatted walls can be constructed, made of panels composed of slats and which can open or rotate on a vertical axis.



Alternatively, slats can be put up as sliding walls - perfect for keeping the light which is "shared" by adjoining rooms.

4. Slats for decorating


Slats can also be bought individually or in small bundles from DIY and furniture stores. Using these slats, you can then create decorations of all kinds, reflecting a minimalist and modern look.



In this example, the slats have been used in a creative way to decorate the corner of a room.

5. Slats used to support useful accessories


Combine decoration with functionality: in this example, a few vertical slats on the wall (which extend along the ceiling), have been used to mount light fittings on. This is a much more elegant look than mounting the light fittings directly to a bare ceiling!



Here, vertical slats support horizontal shelves: in turn, the shelves can be used to place other decorations (books, plants, etc).

6. Have fun with the background


Have you ever thought about how nice wooden slats would look if you use decorative wallpaper in the background (and add a couple of horizontal shelves)?


7. Wooden slats on the ceiling


In the past, a wooden ceiling either had panelling or exposed, rustically-styled wooden beams. By using wooden slats, you can now enjoy a "compromise" between these two, old-fashioned options!


Additionally, this approach looks great in all-white environments, even for double-layered roofs.


8. Wooden slats on furniture


Pay attention in furniture shops and even to the props being used in movies recently: it won't take you long to see funiture which reflects this modern trend towards using wooden slats. Here's a good example showing slats used for the base of this coffee table.


And this beautiful island in a new kitchen also takes advantage of this modern trend!

Have you already used wooden slats in your home, or are you thinking of doing so?