Home office in the attic: 12 brilliant ideas for a calm, productive working area

by Mark Bennett

April 18, 2024

Home office in the attic

With the spread of technology across the globe, more and more people now have the opportunity to work remotely from their homes. And given this, it becomes important to find the right location for a home office. The attic and the basement are usually the places chosen, as these areas tend to be the quietest and most secluded locations in a house. An attic, in particular, has numerous advantages, since - in addition to being quiet - it also tends to have better lighting and is warmer than a basement.

If you also want to set up your office in your attic, we suggest 12 brilliant ideas below:


1. Fully equipped and comfortable

Bookcase and under-window sofa


Furnish the attic so that it is practical to carrying out your work, but without sacrificing comfort. A handy chest with cushions on top, situated under the window and framed with a bookcase will be perfect for combining comfort and functionality.


2. Small work spaces

Small, but functional, spaces


Even a small attic can easily be transformed into a home office: a small desk and some open shelves will suffice. Put up a pegboard to hang up your stationery accessories.

3. Don't sacrifice a personal touch

Personalize the area with your photographs and plants


Make your attic office truly yours by personalizing it with fabrics and upholstery that will warm up the environment. Add photographs and green plants you like to liven up the entire area.

4. Shared office

Shared workspaces


If you share your home with other people who work remotely, it will be important that each person has their own space to work in. Why not set up a shared office with two desks joined together by a sofa (for break-times)?

5. Minimalist

A minimalist office in the attic


Set up a minimalist office with a simple worktop positioned under a window and a stool or chair.


6. Vibrant and colorful

Bright colors liven up white furniture


Be creative by using bright colors on the walls and for the furnishings. They will make the white of functional office equipment and fittings appear more lively.

7. Wall art and recycled furniture

Artwork on a wall


Recycle tables and chairs that you no longer use for your attic office and decorate the area with wall-mounted photographs and artwork.


8. As welcoming as a proper living room

Home office in a living room-style attic


Make your working hours at home as pleasant as possible by transforming your attic into a proper living room with your workstation situated within it.

9. Blue and white

Relaxing, blue walls


Create a stimulating, stress-free work environment for your attic office: the open shelves on the wall can integrate perfectly into the overall structure of the attic. And, if painted blue, this will help you feel more relaxed.


10. Industrial-styled office

Bricks and metal


Go for an industrial-style look for your attic home office with a brick wall and using metal fixtures and fittings.

11. Modern, refined office

Modern and refined


Set up a modern, refined and classy environment for your attic office.


12. Basic and bright

Completely in bright, basic white


Create an inspiring environment by going all-white and using basic furnishings that will accentuate the luminosity.

So, how will you furnish and decorate your attic office?