Feng Shui to attract prosperity to your home: useful tips from this ancient art

by Mark Bennett

April 15, 2024

Use Feng Shui to attract wealth into your home

Feng Shui is an ancient Taoist art from China used to lay out architecture, focusing on using the flow of energy ("chi") from the surrounding environment to attract prosperity, wealth and luck into homes.

Widely practiced by many around the world, Feng Shui supposedly helps to allow the energies of nature to flow into our lives of people. So, whether you believe in Feng Shui or not, you can try out these tips and see if they help attract prosperity to your home:

1. Order and cleanliness above all

the interior of a home full of things


The first important step to take is to ensure your home is neat and tidy: throw away everything you no longer need and everything that is broken or unusable. Tidy up frequently and make sure you get rid of unneeded surplus.

Dust and dirt can also supposedly prevent the correct flow of chi and so, you need to ensure your home is kept clean.


2. Clean the windows


Windows must always be kept clean and free from dust and clear of obstacles such as furniture, tables or decorative objects. Dirt and the presence of objects close to/blocking the windows can supposedly impede the circulation of chi, delaying arrival of new opportunities and wealth.

3. Pay attention to the front door

Ken Doerr/Flickr

The front door is also one of the ways chi gets into your home and so it must be kept perfectly clean and decorated: regularly clean and polish the front door and adorn the surrounding area with flowers.

4. The importance of water

miniature water-garden centerpiece


In the philosophy of Feng Shui, water is a symbol of fluidity and wealth and, for this reason, having a small, indoor fountain/water-garden can supposedly help to attract wealth and prosperity into your life. Even having cut, fresh flowers in vases of water will suffice (as long as you change the water frequently to avoid it going stagnant).

5. Plants

a bamboo plant in a pot

Wikimedia Commons

Plants are also powerful prosperity attractors according to Feng Shui and placing them next to windows will help attract positivity into your home. Choose plants that have lots of and/or rounded leaves - which symbolize growth and prosperity in the belief system of Feng Shui. Thorny succulents and cacti, on the other hand, supposedly attrack bad luck!


6. Bright colors


Use brightly-colored, decorative items, fabrics and furnishing accessories into your rooms: greens, purples and reds are favored in Feng Shui and, for this reason, choose curtains, tablecloths, carpets, cushions and other decorative elements in these colors to attract positive chi to your home.

Do you know other Feng Shui "rules" to follow to attract prosperity into your home?