How can paintings be hung up on a wall without using nails?

by Mark Bennett

June 09, 2024


If you want to add character to your home by hanging up paintings and decorations, but you don't want to ruin the walls by drilling holes or banging in nails, there is a solution.

Check out the smart solutions below that will allow you to hang up your "objet d'art" without defacing your walls:


1 - Double-sided tape


There are numerous brands and types of adhesive, double-sided tapes on the market, varying in terms of thickness, durability and adhesion strength. Choosing the most suitable tape for your purposes should be based on the weight of the object you plan to hang up.

For example, for a picture or poster that weighs around 300 grams, we recommend using a thin, double-sided tape, such as regular, double-sided scotch tape. For slightly heavier objects (such as a frame or a cork board), it is better to opt for a thicker and more robust brand/type of tape.

To hang your up your pictures using double-sided tape, start by cleaning and dusting the wall (which should also have a relatively smooth surface).

Peel off the adhesive protector on one side of the tape and apply sections of it to the four corners of the poster or picture frame.

Then, remove the protector from wall-facing side of the tape and firmly press the poster/picture frame against the wall for about 30 seconds to ensure solid, stable adherence.


2 - Velcro

a piece of double-sided tape placed on the back of a picture frame


Adhesive velcro is a more robust solution than the above-described, double-sided tape, mainly due to its greater weight-bearing capacity and resistance to moisture. Velcro consists of two parts/pieces: one piece to be fixed to the wall and the other piece to stuck to the object you're hanging up.

Again, first carefully clean the wall where you intend to hang up your art work.

Apply one piece of the velcro to the picture frame and then secure the second piece to this (ie. the piece that has already been positioned on the frame). Then, delicately remove the protective cover from the wall-facing piece of velcro.

Secure your painting to the wall by pressing on the frame firmly against the wall for about 30 seconds.

3 - Adhesive hooks


Of course, you can use hooks to hang up your works of art and the ideal solution here would be to use adhesive hooks.

Place your paintings on the floor, face down, so you can easily see where to stick the hooks.

Then, use a measuring tape and a pencil to mark on the wall where you want your painting to be centered.

Stick the adhesive hooks to the wall where you've marked and then, just hang up your art work - nothing could be simplier!

Hanging up paintings and decorations without the use of nails is totally feasible thanks to these innovative products!