Spring cleaning for the balcony: make your outdoor flooring gleam again with these simple cleaning methods

by Mark Bennett

March 26, 2024

Spring cleaning for the balcony: make your outdoor flooring gleam again with these simple cleaning methods

As winter comes to an end, the desire to spend time outdoors - on the balcony, the terrace or the garden - becomes compelling. Given this, you will probably need to first clean up these outdoor areas. So let's see how best to clean outdoor areas - the floors in particular - that have been exposed to the "ravages" of winter.

Cleaning the balcony: the main steps

Cleaning the balcony: the main steps


If your balcony is not very dirty, and you have kept an eye on it during the winter, a more general cleaning will be probably be sufficient. Here's how to clean the balcony flooring/paving:

  • Clear the floor and sweep it thoroughly;
  • Wet the balcony floor with a hose;
  • Apply detergent: use a commercial product or a DIY one made from Marseille soap/dishwashing liquid mixed into a bucket of water. Don't overdo the use of the detergent, as this can generate too much foam, making this chore more difficult to carry out;
  • Scrub/wipe the floor with the help of a mop;
  • Rinse off;
  • Allow to air dry.


Cleaning methods vary depending on how much dirt there is

Cleaning methods vary depending on how much dirt there is


If the area only has light soiling, mopping with a regular bucket of warm water and soap will be enough (as described above). If you have to deal with stubborn dirt spots, get a brush or broom with medium-hard bristles to use on these spots. Once done, rinse off and allow to air dry.

For more stubborn, widespread dirt and stains, try using a minimal amount of bleach. Dilute 100 ml of bleach in a 10 liter bucket, and using a mop, bursh or broom.

For extensive dirt and very stubborn stains, using a high-pressure washer is recommended. This should, however, be regarded as a "last resort" method as jets of high-pressure water can damage floor tiles (especially tiles/surface with a glossy finish). Damaging these flooring surfaces will make them porous and more prone to absorbing dirt.

Good habits to follow to keep outdoor flooring in excellent condition

Thorough cleaning of outdoor areas should be done a few times a year to keep them in decent condition and to make your "spring cleaning" easier.

  • Avoid using aggressive products: pressure washers, chemical products such as bleach, or even the constant use of white vinegar or baking soda can ruin the finish of certain floors over time with frequent use;
  • Sweep up often: don't give dirt the opportunity to settle and turn into hard-to-remove build-ups;
  • Remove stains as soon as they appear, including those caused by food or various other products spilled on the floor. Acting promptly is the best way to avoid stains becoming permanent;
  • Protect the busiest areas: if the marks on the flooring are caused by foot traffic or moving around furniture (such as chairs, armchairs, trolleys, etc), consider protecting these areas with outdoor carpeting/mats;
  • Be careful with vases and flowerpots: these objects can leave limescale stains, and metal flower stands can leave rust stains. Once or twice a year move these objects aside and clean underneath them with a little white vinegar (or a specific detergent).

When balconies and outdoor flooring is in good condition, spending time outside is even more enjoyable!