DIY wood butter: a simple and natural product to make your kitchen implements last longer

by Mark Bennett

November 26, 2023

DIY wood butter: a simple and natural product to make your kitchen implements last longer

Beautiful and timeless, wooden cutting boards and utensils are found in most kitchens around the world, and an excellent way to take care of them is to nourish them with a special butter-like ointment. Made from wood, these boards and utensils soak up liquids easily, so we need to ensure they are kept clean and hygienic.

We know that wetting wood with a lot of water and soap can cause it to deform. One way to clean wood is to use lemon juice and salt or white vinegar. In short, all cleaning methods that can, over time, damage the wood, causing it to dry out and deform. To protect and nourish wooden implements, we can make and apply a natural wood-protecting ointment/cream ourselves.

How to make wood butter

How to make wood butter

To make this product, you will need:

  • 30 grams of beeswax;
  • 60 ml of coconut oil or another vegetable carrier oil (olive oil, almond oil, or mineral oil, for example);
  • Optional: essential oils;
  • Finally, get two pots to set up a double boiler (bain-marie) and a container with a tight seal for the butter (preferably a glass jar or a tin container).

The process is straightforward, and it should take about 40-45 minutes to complete.

  • Set up the pots as a bain-marie and add water.
  • Heat the beeswax in the internal pot.
  • When it starts to melt, add the vegetable oil and mix in well.
  • Optionally, add a few drops of one or more essential oils. Use only two or three drops to avoid a strong smell transferring to utensils or cutting boards. If you're using the butter on decorative wooden objects, you can add a bit more.
  • Once all the ingredients are fully liquid, transfer to the airtight container (but with the lid removed).
  • Let this now cool to room temperature.
  • Once cool, seal the lid.

Now you have your homemade butter ready for nourishing your wooden cutting boards and utensils!


How to use wood butter

How to use wood butter

Eneida Nieves/Pexels

The best time to apply this nourishing wood butter is in the evening - allowing it to act undisturbed throughout the night and giving the wood fibers ample time to absorb it properly.

Always remember to clean the wooden items you want to treat with this butter thoroughly and ensure they are perfectly dry before applying the butter.

The process straightforward:

  • Take a decent amount of butter and spread it roughly with your fingers over the entire surface of the object to be treated.
  • With the help of a soft, lint-free cloth, massage the butter over the entire surface, making sure not to leave any uncovered areas and allowing it to penetrate properly.
  • Leave the items in the open (indoors, of course) for an entire night or even longer, undisturbed.

When they have absorbed the butter, they will be dry but with rejuvenated colors and a noticeably shinier and more beautiful appearance! Ready to make some wood butter?