A stylish, subtle Halloween: 12 enchanting ideas for decorating in a minimalist manner

by Mark Bennett

October 07, 2023

A stylish, subtle Halloween: 12 enchanting ideas for decorating in a minimalist manner

Every year, the month of October is the one in which the decorations in the house take on playfully sinister tone: at the end of the month, Halloween is celebrated, and little ghosts, haunted pumpkins, black cats, crows and many other spooky characters enter the scene. There are those who love to make a special effort and create decorations worthy of a horror movie. But this doesn't necessarily mean that this is the only way to celebrate this holiday.

Even just a few playful decorations, inspired by the sinister imagery of spirits and the world of darkness, but expressed in a cute and minimalist way, can be a way to decorate your home, even just for a few weeks. Nothing too scary or horrifying, of course: check out the ideas below.

Change displayed photos, discreetly

The picture frames that usually contain photos that everyone is familiar with (holidays, landscapes, important events), can be updated with subtly scarier images during the Halloween period. Only those with keen eyes will notice this.


The Halloween color scheme

The cushions on the sofa, or the decorations on the centerpiece can be changed: they don't necessarily have to take on monstrous shapes, you just need to coordinate them with colors of Halloween. Orange, black, white and grey.

And maybe some fake cobwebs!

Hang up cute garlands and wreaths

Not exactly scary: woolen pompoms that remind you of pumpkins, again in Halloween-esque, autumnal colors. The perfect camouflage!

They can be really small and discreet and not ostentatiously draped across a wall!

Irresistible ghosts

Online, you can find many ghost-shaped objects to place around the house, with them even coming in soft and relaxing colours. Candles are an idea, and maybe you will only light them up on Halloween night!


Even a little picture of a stylised ghost can be a cute Halloween idea.

Nothing is easier to create a Halloween theme than by simply changing the linen at home. A customized cushion is a great example!


Or a spooky warm blanket to wrap yourself in when in front of the TV!

A few crows here and there to set the mood

Being more daring, you can put up fake crows (the favorite familiar of witches and wizards), and insert them into regular Halloween decorations, such as the wreath outside the door.


Or place them near books, flowers or dry branches. If you want to add more details, it's up to you.

This is a witches' house, and not just on Halloween!

A cute idea is to leave clues around the house, as if to suggest that a witch or some supernatural creature really lives there. A touch that is more playful than sinister!


What would you say, for example, to making some of the most beloved/popular characters from common folklore and the media? Making a Cousin Itt is a great example of this.

How will you decorate for Halloween this year?