Do you like fireplace mantelpieces, but don't know how to use them? Check out these 13 suggestions

by Mark Bennett

October 05, 2023


A fireplace is a wonderful feature: it completes the environment, makes it more welcoming and, let's face it, it is an excellent way to warm up the home. The atmosphere becomes romantic in the presence of a fireplace, but not everyone can have one. Without a fireplace, you also lose the pleasure of having those elegant shelves - aka the mantel/mantelpiece which frame the hearth. 

But are you sure you can't have a fireplace (or, at least, a mantelpiece) in your home - is there no hope? The answer is no and here are 13 ideas which are proof of this!

1. Outdoor decorations


You want a mantel, but it doesn't fit the style you have chosen in your home. Don't give up on this idea and try to find a place for it outside - perhaps in the garden or on the terrace. It will be an excellent support frame for objects that you usually use outside, or just as a furnishing accessory to enrich the environment with.


2. Mantelpiece for a faux fireplace...

You'd like a full, real fireplace, but you can't have one. In this case, just put up the mantelpiece in the living room to give a touch of elegance to your environment.

3. Combine this with a mirror

Mantelpieces can also be combined with a mirror. If you like mirrors, try placing one at the entrance to your apartment or in a corridor. It will not only enrich the space, but also give a sense of spaciousness. With the addition of a fireplace mantel, the environment will be decidedly unique and very fetching.

4. How about putting one underneath the TV?

If you are one of those people who always loses the remote control and never knows where to find it, the time has come to put up a mantel just below the television. Match the color of the mantel with the frame of the TV and the effect will be very pleasing.

5. It's time for a beautiful optical illusion

The Norfolk workshop/Amazon

If you don't just want the fireplace mantel, but also want to recreate the full fireplace, try this solution. Create a niche in the wall immediately under the mantel, clad it or paint it however you like and apply spotlights in the upper recess. This type of lighting will give the sense of depth and the illusion of you actually being in front of a fireplace.


6. Mount them in pairs, but staggered

If you love mantelpieces, we advise you to mount two of them on the wall and not as singles. By positioning them in a staggered manner, you will create movement and the result will impress your guests.

7. Not just a shelf...

Choose the model of mantelpiece that you like best and which matches your decor. You can also add hooks so that it serves as a coat rack, for example.


8. A touch of nature

The Norfolk workshop/Amazon

Sometimes, there was a fireplace in a house, but, due to lack of use, it has been bricked up or sealed off. What do we put in its place? Keeping the structure intact complete with mantelpiece, we can opt to add some natural ornaments. We can choose to place a real or artificial plant in the fireplace for an elegant touch.

9. How else can we use a mantel?

How about putting one up in the kitchen? Maybe we can add hooks and hang up all our cups and mugs. This will be functional and eye-catching at the same time.


10. How about in the bathroom?

The answer is yes, a mantel can also be useful in this room. As a support point for the many objects we use or as a towel holder, it will give the touch our bathroom was missing.

11. As-is or with some ornaments

Fireplace mantels are truly very elegant and can look good in almost any room. This is why, even unadorned, they are attractive. Of course, a few ornaments placed on them make them even more beautiful. But this is a personal choice and you should go with your preferences.


12. Support surface for candles?

Mantelpieces are wonderful if chosen, for example, in raw wood and used to display candles. A soft light and the scent of candles will help you relax.

13. A shabby-chic touch in the bathroom

Used instead of classic towel or bathrobe hanging racks, mantels will look good if mounted next to the bathtub or sink. 

Which of these 13 ideas are you tempted to try?