Home decor: Unleash the energy of summer with these 12 projects

by Mark Bennett

July 07, 2023


It might seem trivial, but changing small details in home furnishings every now and then can do a lot for our mood. And following the seasons is an easy and useful way for keeping in touch with the passing of time and ever-changing face of nature. So, summer-inspired decorations can improve our mood with vibrant yellow tones, or relax us with the freshness of blues and greens. And we can also add rustic, recycled materials into this mix.

Below, we describe 12 easy projects from which you can draw inspiration for decorating your home in a rustic style, and inspired by summer.

The first color that comes to mind when thinking of summer is yellow (for the sun), and there are many yellow flowers that we can use to decorate a home in a rustic style!


And these flowers can be displayed in a dazzling array of differently-shaped, repurposed vases and containers!

What's more iconic than lemons in summer? Just by looking at them, you can immediately smell the unmistakable scent of summer!

To help you with your compositions, perhaps use glass bottles for flowers, or create backgrounds using straw objects, such as hats (that immediately make you think of sunny days spent outdoors).

Another quick and effective way to bring a piece of summer into the house: change the crockery that can be seen (and used) in the furniture. Choose crockery that has summery colors!


Centerpieces, but also cushions, blankets and wall decorations: you can never go wrong with recycled objects and shades of turquoise.

Using pieces of scrap, reclaimed wood, you can create useful objects to decorate the house with yourself.


And if you wnat to have a fresh feeling, then using green plants and sprigs (even artificial ones) is always a winning idea.


If you can collect wildflowers, they will be the perfect companion for old metal containers to decorate your home or garden with.


It's wonderful to be inspired by nature!

For those who like minimalist decorations, thin green branches could be a winning idea. However, since those of real plants dry out immediately, it is better to make them yourself from paper!


Sage, laurel, or olive leaves with some lemons and white flowers: an inspiration for mini-wreaths to hang up on kitchen cabinets!

How would you like to decorate in a rustic style during the summer?