10 interesting creative ideas for making planters out of recycled materials

by Cinzia Borgia

June 25, 2023

10 interesting creative ideas for making planters out of recycled materials

More and more often it happens that we pause to reflect before throwing away a broken or old and unusable object. How many times have we wondered if that kettle or perhaps that old grandmother's iron or the outdated wooden ladder we were throwing away couldn't have found a new life with another function?

There are many people today who have made creative recycling of old objects an art, some even turning it into a real profession, with significant benefits both for the wallet and, above all, for the environment. Among the many things we can build on our own with the art of creative recycling are certainly planters: in fact, to beautify our gardens and terraces there is no need to make expensive investments, but just look around for that object you have set aside for the trash.

If you are running out of ideas, let us provide you with 10 interesting creative ideas for making wonderful recycled planters.

1. Buckets and bottles

Old paint buckets, plastic bottles or tin cans are perhaps the first things that come to mind when you are looking for salvaged materials to make your own planters. You can simply repaint them or create wonderful vases by covering them with string or rope.


2. Teapot

Even an old teapot or kettle can easily be imagined as planters. You can also make hanging planters to beautify your entryways or balconies.

3. BBQ

Do you know your old barbecue, the one you replaced this year with a state-of-the-art model? If you haven't already thrown it away, don't: it's perfect for turning into a planter!

4. Armchair

If you are looking for a homespace for your succulents, how about trying an old armchair? We don't envy the fearless who will want to try sitting in it!

5. Rubber boots

Your old rubber boots, as well as your son's now overgrown shoes, are perfect for transforming into small furniture planters.


6. Drawer cabinet

What about grandma's old dresser? It may be inadequate to put in your very modern home, but how would it look in the garden filled with plants and flowers?

7. Typewriter

Writers and readers are bound to love this beautiful planter carved out of an old typewriter.


8. Dish drainer

Old dish drains can easily become beautiful and colorful hanging vases.

9. WC

"Out of muck come flowers," sang an old song. For this old toilet turned into a planter, it really has to be said!


10. Chairs

Finally, if you have some old chairs at home that you no longer use, turn them into planters: just replace the seat with plastic pots or jute cloth if you feel like repainting them. They are a real wonder!

What about you, which planters have you chosen?