Do like Halle Berry does to look beautiful in a bathing suit even after turning 50

by Mark Bennett

June 03, 2023

Do like Halle Berry does to look beautiful in a bathing suit even after turning 50

Those of us who have already reached the age of 50 (or more) are probably planning to avoid wearing a bathing suit this summer. In fact, with advancing age, many of us find ourselves facing a body which has begun to show the first signs of aging.

That said, there are many celebrities who show us how beautiful one can be even in our 50's. And Halle Berry is certainly one of these. 20 years have passed since she starred next to James Bond in the popular film "Die Another Day", but Halle has remained and, even today, sports bikinis.

As Halle teaches us, after the age of 50, there is no need to give up on wearing swimming costumes. Of course, Halle is is a natural beauty, but even we "mere mortals" can wear a bikini - if chosen in the right way. If our physique makes us feel uncomfortable, we can choose to add a knee-length pareo (wrap), and/or a drap with long sleeves and a straw hat.

For the choice of the costume itself, this should must be made on the nature of our physiques:

  • if we have petite breasts, then it's better to opt for a bikini that has a central knot or has classic, padded cups;
  • if, on the other other hand, we have an ample bosom, then we should get bikinis with brassiere bodices and criss-cross fastening on the back with wide straps. This will support us without creating unsightly folds (and without hurting us!); if we also have narrow hips, we can balance our figure by bikini bottoms with ruffles or bows that provide volume.


And if we have a curvacious body we can be more daring with a bikini:

  • we have a high waistline, avoiding wearing anything with lace or other similar "trimmings";
  • if we have an apple-shaped body, with a prominent belly and slender legs, we can combine high-waisted briefs in a dark solid color with a patterned bra, which will draw attention upwards;
  • even with wide hips, the advice is to draw attention upwards, combining a ruched or braided bra with high, supportive bikini bottoms;
  • finally, if our body is not very curvacious, we can opt for wear a balconette bikini which will help bring out our curves.

Which model bikini do you prefer?